Gone Glamping……3 Great Ways to Make The Trend Work For You

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Glamping season is upon us and we just love the idea of camping in style. What better way to tap into a new niche market then by offering tailored treatments for glampers. Here’s a couple of ideas on how to capitalize on the glamping trend.

Offer the Essentials

Photo Credit: Untitled Photo Retrieved July 5, 2015 from: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/--LmsNo4a99k/UHbjP80nlaI/AAAAAAAAFB0/YgH3oaqhD_o/s640/glampingifts.jpg

Photo Credit: Untitled Photo Retrieved July 5, 2015 from: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/–LmsNo4a99k/UHbjP80nlaI/AAAAAAAAFB0/YgH3oaqhD_o/s640/glampingifts.jpg

Rock your retail with a customized glamping  kit;  put together a few of your favorite travel sized beauty faves along with a few other fireside beauty essentials and voila you have a beauty camp pack. I found this cute kit while browsing through internet photos. I love the beauty products tucked inside of it, the Hershey bar for smores and Smirnoff are also a nice touch.

Customize your Menu

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Pictured Above: Glampinggirl.com is an awesome resource for posh glamping accessories.

Kraft up a few cleverly themed beauty treatments that you can offer tent side. Use the camping theme as a platform and look to the camp grounds and the surrounding area as a platform for ideas.

 Think Partnerships

When considering partnerships consider the various glamping destination types and then align yourself with  properties that compliment your companies brand.Glamping.com is a great resource that highlights a variety of destinations both in and outside the United States.


BeautifullyYours  is dreaming up a glamping excursion for our hardworking beautynistas please stay tuned for details….


Regina Tucker



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