Events: Beauty Business Round Table w/ Drybar Founder Ali Webb


Photo Courtesy: The Mazur Group

Photo Courtesy:  Mazur Group

Registration is now open for one of the HOTTEST tickets of the year….That’s right The Beauty Business Roundtable is here and this years list of Thought Leaders is INCREDIBLE! Hosted by the Mazur Group, the Beauty Biz Round Table brings together Mid to Senior Level beauty executives for networking and idea sharing.  Leading the pack for this years keynote address is Drybar founder Ali Webb followed by a host of other leaders in the beauty industry (click here for the complete list and to register )

I am super excited about this event and had the chance to hear thoughts and insights on the event from Frances Mazur, President of Mazur Group.

1.  What can participants hope to gain from the roundtable.

The West Coast has an incredible amount of beauty industry executives who are all passionate about what they do, but have very limited opportunities for direct interaction. We created the BBR series to give beauty industry executives a chance to meet and connect with each other on a more intimate level.

2.  Do you all have any plans to host a roundtable in another city?

We’re currently hosting our BBR series in Los Angeles. But based on extremely positive feedback from many BBR attendees, we’re certainly thinking about expanding the BBR series to other cities in the future, so stay tuned!

3.  What are three things you think today’s beauty professional need [ to do/have] to advance their career?

1)      Success in the beauty industry requires knowledge in groundbreaking science, consumer trends, and research numbers, facts, and figures.  Jennifer Parks, the Senior VP of Sexy Hair (and BBR7 Thought Leader), admitted that she’s a voracious reader since there is so much great information out there, whether it’s in traditional media or online news. We totally agree with her that in order to stay relevant and ahead of the game, you need to read and educate yourself about what’s happening in the beauty industry and beyond – both on the manufacturing and consumer sides.

2)      Attend and make the most out of beauty industry networking events, like our Beauty Biz Roundtable series. Click here for our tips on how to network efficiently.

3)      In order to do well in this industry, you need to have passion. The beauty biz is full of people who are passionate about what they do and who they do it for. If you’re passionate about your career and you continue to be passionate, it will show in your performance, which will in turn yield positive results.

4.  What areas do you think are showing the most potential for beauty professionals to grow?

We’ve seen a huge trend in vertically integrated e-Commerce businesses a la Lime Crime, eSalon, JustFab, and ShoeDazzle.  These companies develop and sell their own products exclusively online.  In order to stay competitive, I think traditional Beauty companies need to amp up their online game – both with what’s consumer facing, as well as what’s being developed on the backend.

5.  What tips and advice do you have for job seekers?

1)      Engage your trusted network of former colleagues,  mentors, and supervisors who you might not have spoken to in a while. Once you’ve reconnected with your network and have a good handle on your target companies, let these trusted contacts know who you are targeting, so that they can keep you in mind when they see internal job postings at their company.

2)      Bring a portfolio! A great interview is all about visualization, and a well-crafted portfolio with examples of projects and/or products you’ve worked on will truly enhance the interviewer’s ability to “see” your work. No matter what your role, you can come up with creative ways to show someone your experience.

3)      P-A-R stories are a must-use interview strategy. Use real-life examples of what you’ve done previously that has prepared you to be successful in your new role.

4)      Engage a trusted Recruiter (like us!) who can give you the inside track on companies that are hiring and open positions that you may not have access to. Work together with your Recruiter to formulate a strategy and set clear and realistic expectations.


One of the best ways to advance your career in this industry is by networking and learning from others I hope to see you all at BBR11!


Beautifully Yours,




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