The Lounge: 4 Treats For Your Chic Boutique in 2016.

Spa Goodies

As you all know BeautifullyYours Metro is all about the facial experience. This means welcoming each guest into your spa boutique like you would a familiar face into your home.  Would you ever welcome a guest into your home and not offer them a treat or at least a drink ? Make it a delightful visit for your guests with awesome goodies for your lounge. Take a look at 4  spa goodies our Creative Director wants to try in her facal boutique this year.

1.Cookies-The Cravory

We are super excited about trying cravory cookies in our lounge this quarter. The Cravory was co-founded in 2009 by 3 Cookie Monsters that were over the cupcake craze. With flavors like yogurt and honey, nutella toblerone, and chocolate muffin one can surely elevate their guests experience before a facial. Whats even better you can try their newest creations every month with a cookie subscription.  Cookies straight to your spa’s door who doesn’t love that?

2.  Macaroons-Dana’s Bakery

Looking for Macaroons with a twist? Try Dana’s bakery Dana’s Bakery brings you a unique experience by revolutionizing the traditional French macaron with an authentic American twist. Macarons are available in flavors inspired by classic desserts, pastries, candy and sweet treats! From Red Velvet to S’mores, Fruity Cereal, to Thin Mint. Monthly subscriptions of a Dana’s Bakery variety pack are also available and include all of the  original flavors plus the flavor of the month.

3. Cake Pops-Candy’s Cake Pops

Take a bit of tender, moist cake, roll it in a delicious frosting, sprinkle with some magic, place it on a stick and you have a Cake Pop.  You may store your cake pops in the fridge for up to a month or in the freezer for up to 4 months. What we love about Candy’s Cake Pops is that you can create your own custom flavor and signature pop….Umm can you say perfect branding!

4. Vegan Goodies-Vegan Divas NYC

Looking for an alternative for guest who avoid dairy, eggs, and casein. Vegan Divas NYC does not use animal products. They also bake with organic spelt flour, maple syrup, and cold pressed coconut oil. They offer the best in donuts, cookies and muffins.



Team BYM


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