Beautifully Yours Metro is the first lifestyle platform exclusively for estheticians and I am so proud to share my beauty journey in this blog.  When I began, I was uncertain of the steps to take to become a beauty professional and knew nothing about the resources available to me.  I spent countless hours digging for information, and reaching out to individuals who I thought could help me.

I longed for guidance, motivation, and inspiration as I sought to fulfill my purpose.My struggle motivated me to bring this blog to life.  My goal is to share the information that I have learned and continue to learn about the beauty industry and hopefully motivate and inspire you to achieve your best.   Consider my blog a one-stop resource for industry news, professional advice, and candid reflections on my ups and downs in this field .

There is nothing more beautiful in life than walking in and believing in your God given purpose.  Mine is beauty; if it’s yours too, then I want to invite you to use my blog as a resource to help you achieve that goal and walk with confidence in your purpose

Welcome to Beautifully Yours!

Regina M. Tucker


BeautifullyYours Metro is a blog intended for licensed skincare professionals.  We regularly receive products directly from beauty brands, beauty manufacturers, public relations companies, and brand marketing firms. Our writers are even sometimes invited to chat with experts and try out new beauty products and services.  These itmes are graciously submitted/offered for editorial consideration on BeautifullyYours Metro.

Complimentary services, gratis products, and press samples never compromise our coverage. If we don’t like the experience or product result, the product or service will not receive coverage on the pages of BeautifullyYours Metro.

As Creative Director I research tons of products, gadgets and services and evaluate them for coverage on BeautifullyYours Metro. I really do try out each product and evaluate them based on varying criteria. While a lot of the products have been submitted for editorial consideration, a lot of the products are from my personal collection and have been purchased by yours truly. One thing you never have to worry about is me lying about if I really like a product. My thoughts here are true and 100%  I can’t guarantee positive reviews on all products or services we review or on gratis products and services. I believe in honesty of


For content, event postings, advertising , submissions, and site ideas  please reach out to Regina by e-mail via beautifullyyoursmetro at gmail.com.