Super Snacks for Midday Munchies


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Looking for a few great snacks to nibble on in between clients?  Our group of fab beauty writers recently got the munchies and lucky for you were sharing the treats that held us over until meal time…take  a look!

1. The Good Bean Chick Peas in Thai Coconut Lemongrass

Munch, munch, crunch chickpeas are full of fiber, antioxidants and protein.  A great snack to grab in between guest.  Thai Coconut Lemongrass is full of lemongrass, sweet toasted coconut, citrusy lime and Thai spices. We also like Sweet Cinnamon sprinkled over yogurt.



Sip on something refreshing between clients we are loving WTRMELN WTR right now the drink has the same sugar as coconut water (12g) & less than orange juice (22g).  While we know water is the best thirst quencher a little variety never hurt anyone.


3. Rawxies

Rawxies are a gluten free and vegan snack cookie. With flavors like mocha almond, mint chocolate chip, and banana nut bread you are sure to snack happy at work with these. The snack cookies are high in fiber, and full of oats (oats also slow down the digestion process and create a longer feeling of fullness).

12 for $28.00

4. Power O’s

Breakfast on the go anyone?  Pick up Power O’s.  We found out about this company through our work with Mind & Body Kids and this is the true breakfast of champions.  Made with garbanzo beans and full of protein, this is definitely the right kind of snack to sustain busy estheticians.  Power O’s come in original, honey, strawberry and chocolate.


By:  Regina Tucker

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