Retain the Chic

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Looking for a few ways to gain and retain your clients? Whether you’ve been in business for ten years or out of school for ten days, everyone wants clients and needs them to stay in business. Here are 3 easy ways to increase and retain your clientele.

1.       Lend Yourself As an Expert!

If you haven’t started lending yourself to bloggers and other social influencers as an expert skin authority. I suggest that you start doing so right away! Writing and doing pop up appearances as a beauty expert on blogs and in print publications can really help you attract new clients and retain existing ones.

2.       Make Booking Easy

Is booking an appointment with you like  making an appointment to see President Obama?  If you don’t have the capabilities for your clients to book appointments on-line you are committing client retention suicide.  Aside from SpaBooker and Book4Time free resources such as Schedulicity are making it easier for clients to book on line.

3.     Find a Stable Location

It’s very difficult to keep a stable clientele if you are constantly moving from spa to spa. We know you are a mover and a shaker but too much moving will make a client nauseaus. If things are slow, try to ride it out for a little while, don’t just keep hoping for a geographical cure. Stay stable and focus on building those skin care clients!

By Victoria Webster

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