Insights: The “Habits” of Success Carrie Maxwell

Carrie Maxwell

Recently, the team from BeautifullyYours Metro caught up with San Francisco’s reigning queen of waxing Carrie Maxwell….Carrie is the creator and owner of Habit San Francisco’s first wax-only establishment. Maxwell is an absolute gem and has incredible insights about finding your niche and owning your own business.  She definitely knows a thing or two about success and rising to the top of your game.  Keep reading for the three keys that were instrumental to her success!

1. Establish A Niche

When it comes to finding your niche Carrie has definitely found hers.  Back in 2005 Maxwell opened the doors to Habit and it was a personal grooming specialty unlike the city had ever seen. Habit offered expert techniques in both waxing and sugaring, a discreet, off street location, (not to mention private doorcode entry) and beautiful ambience. HABIT believes in the tradition of service specific craftsmanship brought to you by the recommendation of a trusted friend.

2. Be A Pioneer……

As the creator of the first waxing studio in San Francisco Carrie found a niche and an opportunity to became a pioneer. There can only be one first (DUH  why do you think we are the first lifestyle platform for estheticians) and the bragging rights that accompany being the first and the best is AMAZING!

3. So Much For Fancy Titles……OWNER is simpler

Maxwell learned owner was the best title for her. In her earlier years before opening Habit Maxwell worked on the management team for several successful spas. She found in her experiences that companies were willing to offer leadership opportunities but with very little financial advancement to match. According to Maxwell, this cycle kept repeating itself until she opened the doors of Habit. As an owner Maxwell has a system for her business that balances leadership and financial opportunities for her team, so instead of them feeling like they are on a dead end street they operate like mini-small business owners.

Carrie Maxwell  is more than just a business owner she is an influencer and teacher. We can learn alot from her especially when it comes to taking sail with you niche.  During our conversation  Maxwell  hinted that we can expect much more from her…We can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves.  Stay tuned!

By:   Regina Tucker

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