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Lately, I have been swept away by the comforting warmth of rustic décor. From bedrooms to baby rooms the theme is all over the place and the unique pieces inspired by it are adding life and character to many spa treatment rooms. With just the right touch of color and style your boutique spa can be transformed into an earthy comfort zone. Recently, I had the chance to chat with rustic decor designer Mandi Nichole and learn how boutique spas can incorporate this theme into their space.
Q.) Why do you think rustic decor is a great theme for spas?
I love the surge of rustic decor that is EVERYWHERE lately.  Its taking over Pinterest and Etsy and is the theme of many weddings across the country right now.  I won’t call it a trend because trends come and go.  I feel like there has always been an undercurrent of “rustic” in our culture, it’s just comes to the surface as of late.  Rustic speaks to “nature” that is rooted deep within the human soul.  Nature is beauty in its purest form and literally means ” the phenomena of the physical world.”  I believe that there is a sacred connection between people and nature.  Being in nature impresses the eyes, calms the mind, quiets the heart, and delights the senses.  Nature & beauty are synonymous.  The World Dictionary defines beauty as “the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind.  I believe that a spa should delight the senses, so the more you create a rustic ambiance, the more memorable the entire spa experience will be. The inspiration for my Rustic Decor line comes from my love and appreciation of the beauty that is God’s creation.  I’m always impressed.  My soul is recharged when I’m surrounded by mountains, listening to the peaceful sounds of nature.  I’ve learned that it’s not only the big beautiful moments that matter, but finding beauty in the little things as well.  That is how it all began, by picking up a piece of wood and seeing the unique potential it held.
Photo Credit: Mandi Nichole

Photo Credit: Mandi Nichole

Q.) What kinds of colors and materials should individuals consider to incorporate a rustic theme into their space?
Rustic spaces are best as neutral, earthy, calming colors. Lighting should be soft, candles are always a plus. Nothing bright or shocking.  You want guests to relax in the environment you create, not be distracted and overwhelmed by the colors.   I think adding texture to the walls creates a rich warm feel, and definitely enhances the rustic vibe. Some of my favorite textures are stones, weathered barn wood, burlap, bamboo, cabin logs, and copper.  The texture should compliment the earthy colors while adding dimension.  Clients should take notice and be able to appreciate the space without being overwhelmed.  Water features and a large fireplace are both favorites of mine as well.   They add a rustic feel to any space but also provide a relaxing ambience along with natural sounds.  I always enjoy sounds of flowing water, or the crackle of a fire. Lastly, I love to see a unique expression piece tie everything together.  This piece should be the focal point of the room.  It should be extremely unique, simple,  and a piece that wows a guest and leaves them with a lasting impression.  A guest should leave a spa experience with their senses delighted, their body relaxed and their mind clear.
PhotoCredit: [Rustic Spa] (N.D.) Retrieved July 13, 2014 from

PhotoCredit: [Rustic Spa] (N.D.) Retrieved July 13, 2014 from

Q.) What do you think the key elements of a rustic themed spa are?
I believe colors, decor, sounds and lighting are key.  A guest should have each of their 5 senses touched in some way.  I also think a spa should spend time and money on making sure the relaxation room, where guests relax before and after a treatment, is especially tranquil and luxurious.  The spas that have left a lasting impression on me are the ones where the entire day is an experience, not just the treatment itself.
Q.  Can you name a few stores or places that speak rustic vibrations?
I tend to lean towards handmade items and the stores/websites that sell these items. Maybe its because I hand-make all of my stuff, so I appreciate how much time, love and sweat goes into each piece.
1.  At West End .  They feature Rustic and recycled home decor.  Their pieces are handmade using recycled materials, and have their own unique character.   I love the new trend of up-cycling and creating things with materials that would normally be thrown away.  Its creative, unique, beautiful and good for the environment.
2.  Roost Home Furnishings.  Their furnishings are also beautiful and handmade.  Their pieces are original and will add character and charm to any space.
3. This is a website to help stimulate creativity.  I know I can use some help sometimes.  They have wonderful design ideas and handmade decor projects.  Its easy to navigate and has great ideas for every style pallet.  Everything from shabby chic to cozy, to rustic and modern.  Design away!
For more information on rustic décor for your spa please visit Mandi Nichole’s website and email her with your questions or comments.
Beautifully Yours,
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