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Photo Credit: [Untitled Photo of Celebrity Endorsement Collage] (N.D.) Retrieved June 2, 2014 from:

Photo Credit: [Untitled Photo of Celebrity Endorsement Collage] (N.D.) Retrieved June 2, 2014 from:

Aside from being celebrities what do Michael Jackson, Sofia Vergara, and Faith Hill all have in common?  One word PEPSI……….All three  have had celebrity endorsement deals with soft drink powerhouse Pepsi-Cola Company. As if Pepsi needs the help of celebrities they understand the power of having them in their ad-campaigns and have the budget to secure famous athletes, actors, actresses, musicians and other pop-culture icons as powerful tools to reach consumers and persuade them to choose their beverage. According to Andrew Apfelberg partner at the Los Angeles- based law firm Greenberg Glusker:

For as long as any of us can recall, celebrity endorsements have been a staple of the American marketing landscape. The explanation   is simple: if we see that someone we admire and trust to some degree is associated with a specific brand, we want to be associated with that brand as well. In the best-case scenario, we’ll buy the product; but at worst, we’ll recognize the brand in the future

While companies like Pepsi have the connections and resources to bring big celebrity endorsement deals to life for  the average beauty professional celebrity connections are limited and finding the resources to bring those connections to life can be challenging.  Fortunately there are brand and product marketing firms with niche appeal in the entertainment industry that can help beauty professionals expand their reach  one such company is Secret Room Events.

Amy Boatwright is the brilliant mind that created Secret Room Events . She lived on Broad Beach for many years, and is a friend or associate of many celebrities. Through her company what might take months of diligent outreach and networking can be accomplished over a period of 1 day at a Secret Room Events event-driven product placement lounge.

While the products featured at the events cover a varied and wide range estheticians, make up artist, hair artist/dressers, and doctors have all benefited from Amy’s services. Amy shares: Celebrity gifting is a very powerful and underutilized strategy which helps give your product and brand added exposure and sales, sometimes creating an overnight sensation.

Secret Room Events and its affiliates provides sponsorship opportunities at many levels and also allows for in person opportunities.Past coverage of Amy’s events  include The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! and more. Secret Room Events gift bags have also been featured in OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, US Weekly, LA Times, New Beauty and more.

 Secret Room Events is now accepting sponsorship proposals for the following:  2014 Celebrity Style Lounge in honor of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, Backstage Bag’s Celebrity Baby Baskets, and Back To School Celebrity Kids Baskets for more information Email: or or visit their website at or

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