Juicing Match Up: Enhance Your Spa Menu With Juice

The success of the Vitamix and  juice bars such as Puree Artisan Juice Bar in Bethesda, MD have made it clear; Juicing is here to stay and while folk have been juicing for decades the new craze is showing up in fitness centers, yoga studios, and now your spa. Since juicing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon why not enhance your facial offerings with a few  juice blends?Here are a few ideas to pair with your favorite facials.

puree juice bar

Photo Courtesy: Puree Artisan Juice Bar Bethesda MD

The Traditional Facial

The traditional facial is great for first time spa goers. Pair your traditional facial with an introductory juice cleanse.

Our Match-Pure Cleanse by Puree Artisan Juice Bar

This one day cleanse is a great for folks new to juicing and cleansing.  It contains more fruit than some of their other juice blends so the taste is a little more bearable for newbies. This one day cleanse features multiple juices so its important to prep guest for this one day juice cleanse.

Don’t live near a Puree Artisan Juice Bar? Investigate local juice bars in your area and consider partnering with them to create a speciality blend just for your spa.

The Detoxifying Facial

on juice deep green

Photo Credit: [OnJuice Deep Green] Retrieved May 3, 2014 from http://onjuice.com/juice-details.aspx?id=37

Detoxifying facials are designed to eliminate impurities from the skin.  They generally offer deep pore cleansing and provide generous attention to extractions .

Our Match– Pair your detox facial with Deep Green by OnJuice $10.95 per unit. Its  packed with super ingredients like spinach, parsley, romaine, lime, ginger and chlorella. The blend boasts increased energy, improved digestion, a boost of immunity, and gorgeously glowing skin. Visit onjuice.com to learn more.

The Hydrating Facial

Photo Credit: [Suja Purify] Retrieved May 7, 2014 from http://www.sujajuice.com/products/suja-classic/purify/#.U2pJtcJOVMs

Photo Credit: [Suja Purify] Retrieved May 7, 2014 from http://www.sujajuice.com/products/suja-classic/purify/#.U2pJtcJOVMs

These facials typically bring dull lack luster skin back to life they are infused with moisture and specialty products that stimulate collagen and elastin production. They are extremely hydrating brightening and  great for special occasions

Our Match

Our match for hydrating facials is Suja Purify $8.99 this  juice  is loaded with beets which fight fatigue and energize the skin and carrot which treat acne and nourish the skin. Visit suja juice.com to learn more.


Happy Sipping!

Regina Tucker


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