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Line Magazine Fall 2013/Martina Tolot & Sarah Tohl Retrieved February 2014 from

Best friends and owners of Line Magazine Martina Tolot and Sarah Tohl along with their Fall 2013 issue with Stacey Keibler Retrieved February 2014 from

Martina Tolot and Sarah Tohl are at the beginning of an amazing journey the pair met in high school in 2001 and developed a bond while shopping for designer goods at discount prices at Loehmann’s.   Ten years later in 2011 they merged their obsession with fashion, photography, and beauty and created the publication Line magazine.  Armed with an incredible team that includes beauty editor and reknowed makeup artist Francessica Tolot Line Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing the creative and versatile realm of fashion, beauty, and photography.  It is reaching a magnitude of readers via its unique digital platform and with magazine cover girls that include Stacey Keibler and Bella Thorne this young fashion/beauty publication is definitely one to watch! I recently had a chance to e-chat with the minds behind Line Magazine and hear their thoughts on business, beauty and fashion…. Here is what they had to say :

How did you bring the concept of Line to life? What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them?

Martina: The concept of Line came to life on several accounts. For starters, our Beauty Editor, Francesca Tolot had been interested for a long time in having a place to showcase her work where she could have more creative control in editorials.  Our Fashion Editor, Sarah Tohl, had started a fashion blog in 2010 called Labelholics Anonymous, where she recreated runway looks with chic items at a more attainable cost.  She was also working as a freelance stylist at the time.  With my love for photography, and same dream of having creative control in a publication, I came up with the idea of bringing the three of us together to produce an online magazine.

 Sarah: We ultimately wanted to produce an online environment where beauty and fashion addicts from around the world could have easy access to information on the latest trends, designers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, and products, in addition to our own editorial story coverage and tips on how to achieve chic styles at an affordable price point.  In terms of challenges, you name it, and we’ve most likely come face to face with it!  Part of a company’s growth comes from the challenges faced along the way, and learning how best to overcome certain situations if they are to arise again in the future.  Budget management is the biggest challenge we face ,  we have so many ideas and dreams for our editorials, but we have to take into consideration everything from the cost of studio space, the creative team, shipping of wardrobe items outside of California, off-set locations,  to food for the team.

Where do you see Line in the next 5-10 years?

 We all hope to see Line as a popular source for fashion and beauty inspiration in the next 5-10 years.  Our philosophy isn’t about “taking over the fashion industry” or “becoming the next Vogue,” but rather a successful publication that people read to get their fashion fix, look to for style advice, and enjoy gathering information on up and coming designers, brands, and talent.  We ultimately want to share our passion, knowledge, and creative minds with women that have the same love for the fashion industry

What do you feel are some important keys to building successful business relationships?

 As cliché as this sounds, communication truly is the key to building successful relationships of any sort – especially in business.  Everybody has their own opinion and perspective on how things should be done, and without staying on the same page, your team is doomed for drama and disorganization.  Luckily the three of us are firm believers in communicating any thought regarding Line with one another.  New ideas are discussed as a whole, likes and dislikes are shared, and all decisions are made after everyone has had their say and the team comes to agreement as one.  Respect is obviously another key to building a successful business relationship, however without respecting one another’s style and ideas, this business would never have been formed in the first place.

How does Line use social media to build its audience?

 Social Media is very important to us.  We use everything: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, but we especially love Instagram.  It feels more personal than any of the others, and really gives us a chance to communicate with our followers, discussing everything from photo inspiration to our favorite street style looks.  Social Media definitely helps build an audience because you are given the chance to have open communication with people that share the same interests.

How do you think beauty influences fashion?

  Beauty influences fashion by highlighting the mood and tone of your ensemble.

How does the publication stay on top of fashion and beauty trends?

 We stay on top of fashion and beauty trends by keeping up with the latest runway shows and designer collections – especially checking out Women’s Wear Daily on the regular.  We like to develop our own sense of what we love on the runway, and which pieces we feel are going to be a big hit for the upcoming fashion season.  And then there are the street style photos circulating Pinterest that we love, of course.  Truthfully, we are not so celeb-obsessed as many people seem to be.  We find ourselves more obsessed with models and designers because we see fashion and beauty trends originating from the runway, and major fashion houses in Paris, Milan, and London.

What do you think makes a good beauty professional?

A good beauty professional is somebody that really knows all about skin tones, and then of course has a strong sense of color.  There is such a wide variety of skin color, facial construction, shape, eyes, lips, etc.  It’s important to know everything from which colors will look good and compliment certain facial features, and what types of products work best on a specific complexion. It’s also key to be creative.

Who are some of your favorite skincare pros, hair stylist, make-up artist, nails pros and why?

 We love Dr. Howard Murad – he has truly studied the science of skin, and all of his products work wonders.  One of our favorite hairstylists is Robert Vetica of Vetica Salons at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  He has taught us so much in the realm of hair and product, and on a side note, he is the man responsible for doing the stunning ‘do of Golden Globes winner, Cate Blanchett.  As for makeup artists, we respect so many artists, but stay partial to our Beauty Editor, Francesca Tolot.  She has done such a phenomenal job in all her years of work, especially on Beyonce.  She is a true artist and is very careful, and detail oriented which makes for a job well done in our eyes!

What advice can you give to professionals about pursuing their dream?

 If you love something, you have to own it and make it your life.  The best advice we can give about pursuing dreams is: keep going.  Don’t compare yourself to other people, be open to constructive criticism, learn everything and more about your passion.  There will be good days and bad days, and it’s only natural to doubt yourself every now and again.  Just keep moving forward, stay focused, and keep at it.  Never give up on your dream, because one day it will lead to amazing opportunities.

What is it like working with family and friends?

Working with family and friends is an incredible gift.  There’s nothing better than creating work you love with loved ones.

Fill in the blank beauty is…………..

    Beauty is a combination of art and self-expression.

What is your favorite skincare product right now and why?

Our favorite skincare product right now is Heir Atelier by makeup artist Kendra Richards.  It is THE ultimate makeup prep, and is our favorite serum to use before applying anything from BB cream, to powder or foundation to achieve the dewy glow that models flaunt on the runway and in fashion editorials!

Francesca:  LA MER skincare, Dior, Chanel, Mac, and Nars. These are my go-to brands for any job.

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By Regina Tucker


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