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Photo Credit:  Valerie Perez Homepage (N.D.) Retrieved 2, 2014

Photo Credit: Valerie Perez Homepage (N.D.) Retrieved 2, 2014

For small studios and boutiques the fine details such as the style and comfort of robes can really make a difference in building and establishing your brands identity. I came across a line of robes and wraps Wrap Up By VP (Valerie Perez)  on LinkedIn and immediately identified them as a line worth considering for owners wanting an opportunity to make a signature statement.Here are a few robes from the collection; as you can see there are many style options to compliment your studios unique brand and image:

For The Traditional Studio


Paisley Robe By Valerie Perez  $208.00

For The City Studio


Zebra Robe by Valerie Perez $208.00

For The Studio with Big Personality

Comic Robe for the studio with comedic appeal

Comic Robe Love $208

Wedding Options


Cream Long Groom Robe $228

Imagine creating a signature treatment that includes a personalized robe for the bride, groom or bridal party. The bridal collection of robes and wraps could be included as your special gift for spring bridal campaigns.

Offer your guest soft luxurious comfort before even touching their skin with robes and wraps by Valerie Perez. The luxury bathrobes and wraps start at $128.00+  and are definitely a nice touch for your guest experience.  For more information visit, or call 213-627-7037.

*All Photos Courtesy: retrieved February 2, 2014





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