The 2014 Mental Evolution!

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Retrieved January 12, 2014 from:

This year I am undergoing a serious mental evolution. I am learning to silence the negative voices in my mind  that whisper things like : “Mothers cant pursue their passion,  You cant pay your bills and work in this industry, and you will never get ahead.”  These whispers that played on repeat in my mind for many years paralyzed  me from pursuing my dream and left me feeling deflated, stuck and immobilized in fear.

At the beginning of 2014 I burned these negative truths about myself.  Literally, Karl and I (FYI Karl is my wonderful hubby) lit the fireplace and wrote on little 3×5 index cards all the things we wanted to leave behind in 2013 and into the fire all of my negative junk burned.

This year I would like to encourage each of you to reflect on the negative junk you are feeding yourself and make a conscious decision to let it go. Start by feeding yourself the opposite of the negative thoughts that are playing in your head and holding you back from living out your dreams. For example, instead of lamenting “My book is empty” practice “I am a magnet for new clients”.  This type of  mental reconditioning takes definite practice but it will undoubtedly transform your perspective on life. There have been several times during this journey that I have wanted to give up but my mind is transforming and God is giving me a never ending supply of strength and perseverance..

So this year my friends I challenge you to begin to act as if ….Imagine yourself achieving and actively walking in your purpose. Unleash those negative thoughts, stand in your truth and go make some beautiful skin!

Beautifully Yours



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