The Treat Lounge: Tasty Eats for Winter

cover art HotChocolateBar

If you are anything like me then you respect that owning a skin & beauty studio is about a lot more than just selling products and treatments,  it is about creating an experience. From start to finish I strive to create an environment that replicates the feeling that guest have when they come into my home: warm, inviting, and hospitable . One of the ways to recreate this feeling is by serving delicious treats in your sitting area for guest to enjoy when they come and visit your studio.  You will be amazed how a signature menu can add character to your establishment and the menu doesn’t  have to be big or fancy. Consider partnering with local chefs or special events coordinators to create a complimentary menu for your studio. Select options that match your brand and your budget.   Remember you are not a restaurant so create a firm budget for your treat lounge and stick to it each month unless it is a special event select vendors and options that keep you well within your budget and consider changing the treats in the lounge each month to reflect seasonal and local offerings.  You may also consider sending out your treat menu in your monthly newsletter.  Here are some sample winter treat ideas to try.

Winter Sip & Stir


Serve warm weather beverages during the winter months such as the hot chocolate bar shown above.  I like the idea of a hot chocolate bar on a cold winter day.  Get creative with toppings for the decadent winter drink. Get a variety of marshmallows,  whipped cream, espresso liqueurs, chocolate or white chocolate shavings and  chocolate sprinkles.  Leave notecards out and have your guest share their  favorite childhood winter activity:  making snow angels, waking up early to find out if school was closed for a snow day or snuggling in the bed with there favorite blanket and stuffed animal .

Ginger Bread Men

gingerbread man

RUN! RUN!RUN! as fast as you can you cant catch me I’m the gingerbread man.  Your guest will have fun decorating or just enjoying ginger bread men this holiday season.  Serve plain with warm almond, soy or organic milk.

Gluten Free, Vegan, & Low Sugar Options


If you want to provide munchies in your treat lounge and want to cut the sugar try serving carrot chips, wholesome granola, and dry fruit.  Creative Snacks Co. offers a wide variety of “feel good” snacks including broccoli with White Cheddar and tomato chips with Mediterranean Herbs pair the these treats with purified water with orange or pineapple slices .

Do you have any good winter treat ideas share them here.




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