Are you the next Lauren Conrad…………it might be time for an agent?



Do you dream of being the next Lauren Conrad?  Do visions of Kate Sommerville and Jamie Kreel dance in your head?  Becoming a beauty superstar and moving into the mainstream is not easy. If you are striving to improve your reach and expand your audience enlisting the help of an agent might be the next stop on your career trajectory. An agent can help build your influence and help develop new relationships for you.  A few weeks ago I had the chance to e-chat with Libby Anderson of LA’s Clotuier Remix and ask her a few questions about working with an agent here is what she had to say:

1.)  Why might a beauty professional decide to align him/herself with an agency?

An agency can help an artists get more and diverse opportunities than the individual might have been able to get on their own.

2.)  What things should an individual consider when selecting an agent for representation?

An artist should look for an agent they are comfortable with and feel they can openly communicate their goals and career direction.

3.)  What are some of the signs that it might be time for an agent?

If an artists feels they have exhausted all the avenues they have access to regarding work and growing their career.

4.)  What are some of the basic things an individual should have in place before even thinking about getting an agent?

An artists should have a professionally done electronic portfolio including resume, bio, and images of their best work.

5.)  What are some things individuals can do to draw attention to their work?

An artist can draw attention to their work, by using social media to gain a following. Also doing quality work is essential.

6.)  Outside of makeup, hair and nail professionals how can skin-care professionals, beauty writers etc garner a following in this business.

Again, social media and getting your name out in the public eye will help create the following.

7.)  If you are not in New York, LA, London or other beauty or fashion hubs what advice can you give about how to create a name for yourself locally.

An artist might want to collaborate with a local publication to do photo shoots with the magazine or newspaper or write a local blog specific to their region.

The Beauty Moral……………..

And so the beauty moral of this one is:  1.) Start taking before and after photos of your work and  compile it into a portfolio   2.) Work with local publications, radio and other media outlets to establish your position as a local beauty pro,  and  Lastly, work social media like a pastry chef works flour and sugar!

Beautifully Yours,

Regina Tucker

About Cloutier Remix:

Cloutier Remix is a premiere hair , makeup, and styling agency in Los Angeles California.  The agency represents some of the finest in beauty and  is owned by the stellar Madeline Leonard a 23 year industry pro .  To learn more about Cloutier Remix visit









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