3 Ways To Increase Beauty Revenue

Hello beauty-preneurs do you need a few ideas to increase your boutiques beauty revenues?  Consider these additions  to to increase sales and revenue for your biz!

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Lash extensions are HOT right now!  If you have the patience , time and money for training this might be  an option for you.   Lavish Lashes offers both discounted and flexible payment options for there training program and while the training is a little pricey  the return on investment presents a nice opportunity at Hela Spa in Washington DC for example a full set of  Lavish Lashes is offered for $300,  Touch Up $150 and the initial consultation is $75.  Visit www.lavislashes.com

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Nail Services can also increase your bottom line.  If you have the appropriate licensing adding nail services to the menu  can be a nice addition to your spas offerings.   The right treatments can also enhance your  brand and generate guest enthusiasm .  For example A downtown boutique spa might add a nail service and call it “The Cosmopolitan” included with the service a martini . Cute! Fun! and REVENUE!

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Lip balms, soy candles, or even cute panties for your wax studio are all retail items that you can consider adding to enhance your retail offerings.  The key is finding products that compliment your brand and image.  If your company can’t afford the minimum order requirements that larger companies require  try using social media and sites like etsy  to scout out handmade gifts that compliment your spas style.  Also, if you don’t have to have a huge retail area consider creating 1 table or shelf to showcase your retail items.


Today, advanced peels and services offer an exciting opportunity for skincare professionals.  If it is possible to align yourself with a dermatologist in your area and offer advanced peels  you might want to consider doing so.  If you decide to venture into this area consider how you will align your menu  with your new services.   There is a great deal of potential in this category but you have to be careful not to lose your identity when diving into this area.

By Regina Tucker





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