Brad Stevens 36 Head Coach of Celtics: What Beauty Pro’s Can Learn

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One could say at 36 Brad Stevens has accomplished a lot, he has an outstanding winning record and was recently appointed  head coach of  the Boston Celtics.   Steven’s appointment reminds us to  keep climbing, working hard and  relentlessly forging to the top.   A few things can be learned from his appointment take a look!

Establish a Winning Record

-Stevens had a 166-49  record he established himself as a real winner.

-In his third year as head coach at Butler, Stevens broke the NCAA record for most wins in a coach’s first three years

What Beauty Pro’s Can Learn:

Establish your own winning record.  Strive for a 30% or higher request rate at your spa.

Establish  record dollars per hour sales

Establish record breaking retail sales

Rise in the ranks 

Stevens joined the Butler basketball  program as a VOLUNTEER . He was then promoted to a full-time assistant coaching position for the 2001–02 season. On April 4, 2007, he became the head coach.

What Beauty Pros Can Learn

Take your credentials to the next level,   consider adding NCEA certification to your professional credentials.

Don’t just join professional organizations  become active within them/hold leadership positions and become involved with activities and events.

Establish Your Identity

On the court Stevens is known for a calm, focused coaching style. He spends a lot of time analyzing opponents using statistical analysis, adding new wrinkles to his team’s play each game. He puts a strong emphasis on defensive and team oriented basketball. Butler’s success against teams with superior athletes has been attributed to Stevens’ coaching style and calm demeanor.

What Beauty Pros Can Learn

Identity is everything in this business so what are you known for in the industry?  You can build a successful business and clientele by simply defining who you are. Marcia Kilgore built Bliss Spa with tongue and chic finesse and developing your not so ordinary spa experience.  You should do the same as a beauty pro.  Good Luck!


Beautifully Yours,

Regina M . Tucker



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