We See Beauty Is Here

Photo Courtesy: realbeauty.com

Photo Courtesy: realbeauty.com MAKE is the first for benefit line from We See Beauty

On Friday the We See Beauty monthly newsletter launched reminding us all that We See is beauty we can feel good about . We See  donates 1/3 of all online sales , whether a lipstick, a book or a design object, to the We See Beauty Foundation to help accelerate and support women-led cooperatives.  According to the website:

We See Beauty  is a for-benefit marketplace of ideas,  stories and products that support the cooperative movement.  A movement that believes that through shared ownership we can establish a more equitable and beautiful society for all. We believe in starting local with the hope that these ideas spread globally. By selling beautiful ideas and products, including MAKE – the first for-benefit brand of We See Beauty – we can empower local economies and strengthen communities, starting with our own in New York.

The We See Model

Photo Courtesy: weseebeauty.com

Photo Courtesy: weseebeauty.com

We See Beauty feeds the We See Beauty Foundation which promotes cooperative development.  The group has been given a one million dollar endowment to promote social and economic change.  Lets hear it for We See Beauty and there first cooperative in Brooklyn Do Good Be Beautiful.  Learn more at weseebeauty.com

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