Are You A Beauty Expert?



 Thanks to the advent of blogs and reality tv there are many self proclaimed beauty experts that exist in the world today.   It can be a little frustrating to the industry pro to see that it doesnt take much to call onesself a beauty expert. Leaders in the field of beauty recognize  its one thing to love beauty and another to be a  professional in the field,  after all my love of old reruns of ER doesnt make me a docotor now does it?  Beautifullyyours metro recognizes we are leaders in the field of beauty, we are true Beauty Experts.  We go above and beyond to be exemplary leaders in the world of beauty, we are active in the field.  The heart of our efforts doent hinge on  a self centered attempt to become famous and glorify ourselves with some fly by night attempt to bask in our own self rightiousness .  If we are recognized along the way by a larger audience for our efforts in the field of course we are grateful for it but that is not our primary goal .  At the heart of every Beauty Expert is a dying of ones self and a full fledge commitment to our consumers and our professional audiences we are BEAUTY EXPERT!  

At a mimum a beauty expert has the following:

1.)  A Valid State License

Just like a graduate has a diploma to validate there course of study.  A beauty experts license is a stamp to validate there knowledge in the field.  The experts license is current  and the individual holding it is working within there scope of practice.

2.)   Active in the Field

Beauty experts connect on both a  consumer and professional level. On a consumer level they are current on trends, hot topics, products and innovations across domains from natural to plastic surgery.  On a professional level they attend trade shows, belong to professional organizations and are constantly advancing there knowledge in the field.    They do not merely exist in the sea of other beauty professionals they LEAD the WAY!  

3.)  Has a working knowledge of Whats/What and Who’s Who

 Beauty experts are the folks on the team that people turn to for answers.   They are the face to  whats/what and who’s who.

The list of what makes us beauty experts will only continue to exand especially as we all grow in our craft.  I will continue to update this list with our collective insights.  If I did  leave anything out that you feel should be here  please feel free to share your insights? 

Beautifully Yours,


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