Beautiful Me

I am so proud to share my beauty journey in this blog.  When I began, I was uncertain of the steps to take to become a beauty professional and knew nothing about the resources available to me.  I spent countless hours digging for information, and reaching out to individuals who I thought could help me.   I longed for guidance, motivation, and inspiration as I sought to fulfill my purpose.My struggle motivated me to bring this blog to life.  My goal is to share the information that I have learned and continue to learn about the beauty industry and hopefully motivate and inspire you to achieve your best.   Consider my blog a one-stop resource for industry news, professional advice, and candid reflections on my ups and downs in this field .

There is nothing more beautiful in life than walking in and believing in your God given purpose.  Mine is beauty; if it’s yours too, then I want to invite you to use my blog as a resource to help you achieve that goal and walk with confidence in your purpose

Welcome to Beautifully Yours!

Regina M. Tucker



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