BYM REVIEW: Fillerina-No Needles, No Surgery I AM SOLD

Fillerina 600 X 400

Many of my clients are absolutely obsessed with aging gracefully.  They will pass on costly, invasive, and painful interventions.  They usually come in clamoring on and on about restoring and maintaining volume and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. They have a bevy of products and love topical, non-invasive, effective treatments that replenish the skin. As an esthetician I love walking these clients close to the edge but keeping them in their comfort zone. In 2016 I began researching new products that would deliver more plumping and volumizing and found Fillerina. Since its debut the product is making astonishing rounds with plastic surgeons, dermatologist and yours truly.

Fillerina is a Dermo-Cosmetic for at-home and professional use.   It is suitable for all skin types and currently there are 5 grades of it. Each grade consists of anywhere from 6-8 different types of hyaluronic acid that vary in molecular weight and size. This allows the skin to be nourished, tightened, and effective in improving facial volume.

I recommend positioning Fillerina treatments as a comprehensive no needle, non-surgical treatment solution that address skin depression,sagging tissue and plumping of the cheekbones and lips. You can introduce the guest to the facial Fillerina treatment by itself or include  the neck and cleavage areas for added results. The key client benefits are firstly, the treatment includes the necessary retail products needed for homecare and secondly, the results last for up to 3 months.

Depending on your clients skin type the treatment can be enhanced with an enzyme peel for deep hydration, glycolic and salicylic acid for oily/acne skin, and led light. Use your professional judgment with the different modalities you choose to incorporate.  You might also consider adding this service to your bridal offerings. Fillerina would be great for mothers of the bride and even the bride her self, but remember to start them early so they can experience the full results of their treatment and home care regimen.

In addition to its facial treatment Fillerina also offers specific zone treatments for problematic areas such as the lip, neck, cleavage eyes and eyelids.  These areas present additional opportunities to enhance and grow the original treatment anywhere from $75-$205.

Enhance your menu and profitability by adding Fillerina to your retail shelves and treatments.  If you are interested in learning more reach out to and let them know BYM sent you in the subject or body of your email. For a limited time they are offering free freight and 25 filled applicators ($25) on opening orders.






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