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I am generally skeptical of most “coaches” I find on Instagram they all seem to have the same goal….to get me to spend money on their program. I have listened and tuned into dozens of free webinars but usually end up  terminate my relationship with these so-called coaches after the webinar. Most of the time I end it after the webinar because they are not telling me anything new that I haven’t heard before. Up until a few months ago I was pretty much over any new coaches. I have my few coaches that I trust and I am content with them….that is until I stumbled upon Candace Holyfield .

Candace immediately got my attention because firstly, her short hair took me back to my days as a short hair gal in college and she ROCKS IT. Secondly, Candace was one of two African American female finalist in American Spa’s Mentor of the Year  Awards. She made her way onto the pages of the publication even though it still sways to the mainstream  in terms of diverse representation on its pages. And thirdly, she coins herself the Six Figure Spa Chick and anyone that is making six figures in this industry is someone I need to know on a first name basis.

So on one of those evenings when my Sunflower Princess was between sleeping and whining on my lap I found time to tune into her IG Live and family I was HOOKED. This woman is the real deal, the bomb, my newest auntie on the block, and like my serious ulter ego on STERIOIDS (she even curses from time to time). This woman gives real advice, and new information for estheticians to put in place for their businesses minus the painful webinar. Just kick ass, gut level honesty.  So of course I reached out to her, told her about our little platform here, and asked if she would share some of her insights in just a few short words. She agreed, and so here is some of her top advice  for estheticians in 500 words or less.
My Top  Advice For Estheticians in 5oo Words or Less

By: (Candace Holyfield)

1. Understand you need help running a real business. Marketing, sales, accountant, lawyer, manager, business coach etc. We often start out as one women armies and stay that way. As our brand’s grow we should add to our team which makes running a business less stressful. Your team should help save you time and often from wasting money.

2. Know your business and industry inside out. Many spa professionals simply don’t know how to run a business. They don’t know their elevator pitch. How to simply tell someone how you can make their life better. We need to be ahead of the curve, knowing what’s trending, and our pitch to our business. As business owners we must always know any chance we have to speak with someone it is a pitch!

3. Have a profit and growth plan. This is really a two part answer. You must know your numbers in order to be successful. Many spa owners are not successful because their prices are to low to pay all their bills. Some spa professionals didn’t crunch all the numbers before opening. Everyone thinks getting a logo and a website is so important. Those things don’t matter if you make no profit within your business. You also need a growth plan. How do you plan to grow your spa? Keep in mind there are 3 parts to money.
We must do all three to stay in business! I teach all these strategies in my program! The Spa Boss Tribe
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“What motivates me the most is owning my time! Im alwayss on a tight schedule but I can take a day, a week, or month off whenever I’m ready. If I want to nap at 3:00 in the evening I do. Once you get to experience real freedom it’s a feeling you will never want to let go. I’m so thankful and humble for everything God has done and will do in my life. Each day I try my best to return the favor by educating others.” Candace Holyfield

About Candace Holyfield:
Candace Holyfield first and most important title is mom of three! She is a medical assistant, degree in science and business, retired massage therapist, reflexologist, holistic practitioner, herbalist, and serial entrepreneur. She currently runs several businesses daily ranging from her spa in Atlanta (I Love Candy Spa Parties) to an online business. She is widely known as the Queen of Groupon. She made over $100k from Groupon which started her second business Six Figure Spa Chick.She helps spa professionals all across the world open and operate successful day spas. Her number one class is now Mastering Instagram. In 2017 she made over $100k simply from that one social media platform. If you need help with marketing your spa/beauty business she is your go to chick!

Find Candace on Instagram @sixfigurespachick



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