HOT READING: Are IV Cocktails Safe? The Truth About Tattoos and the Skin, Plus More

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You’re exfoliating, extracting, masking and being a busy skincare boss but you still want to keep up with what’s going on in the world of beauty. I get it and I got you covered. Every Friday or Saturday I share my fave internet reads from the week. Here’s your weekly dose for  March 10, 2018. Just click the pink  for full story.

Are IV Cocktails Safe

Kendall Jenner ended up in the hospital this week after an adverse reaction to an IV drip of assorted vitamins. This common boost is making its rounds at many medical spas and outpatient clinics but are they really safe? Read up on this trending topic.- New Beauty

The Science of Skincare

Checked you skincare aisles lately? It’s pretty overwhelming.  As the consumer beauty market grows, consumers are becoming more savvy, asking questions and demanding more. Find out what happens on sourcing sites and just how folks are educating themselves about skin products.-The Atlantic Daily

New Study Shows Skin Barrier is Affected by Climatic Change

A study in the new British Journal of Dermatology study provides information that may help explain why many people experience eczema and dry skin in the winter.  The new study shows that the protein filaggrin changes between winter and summer.  The study presents sound reasoning on why more emollient protection is needed during the winter and more sunscreen during the

The Truth About Tattoos and the Skin

New research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine sheds light on macrophages and their involvement in protecting tattoo ink. If scientist can find a way to break through the macrophages it could be pivotal in developing new and less painful alternatives to lasered tattoo removal.



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