HOT READING: Mother Dismisses Skin Cancer for ‘Glasses Mark’, Beauty Bosses in Tennessee Push Back & More

Feb 18 2018

You’re exfoliating, extracting, masking and being a busy skincare boss but you still want to keep up with what’s going on in the world of beauty. I get it and I got you covered. Every Friday or Saturday I share my fave internet reads from the week. Here’s your weekly dose for  February 17, 2018

Mother Dismisses Skin Cancer for ‘Glasses Mark’

A woman that started wearing sun cream at 20 years old, has a coin sized hole left on her face after doctors discovered the bump she thought was nothing dangerous was actually basal cell carcinoma.- Daily Mail

Natural Hairstylist and Tennessee Barbers Push Back

Advocacy is EVERYTHING as estheticians we must standup and speak out any time bills are presented that would impact our licenses.  Read this article and see how Tennessee hairstylist and barbers are joining together to fight.-Teen Vogue

Here Are the Top Five Skills You Need As A Skin BOSS

Curious to know what the most sought- after managerial skills are in the spa and wellness industry? Take a look at this article and find out about the most desired skills. -American Spa

Non-Invasive Tools Guide

Looking for the best in equipment to enhance your skincare studio? Take a look at this non invasive tool guide. It may help you decide on which equipment to purchase next for your studio. -Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa



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