HOT READING: Hundreds of Fire Deaths Linked to Skin Creams, Fox Anchor Opens Up About Vitiligo, Electronic Skin Brings Us Closer to T2 Judgement Day…

You’re exfoliating, extracting, masking and being a busy skincare boss but you still want to keep up with what’s going on in the world of beauty. I get it and I got you covered. Every Friday or Saturday I share my fave internet reads from the week. Here’s your weekly dose for  February 10, 2018

(Video Still) BBC News Retrieved February 10, 2018 from:

(Video Still) BBC News
Retrieved February 10, 2018 from:

Hundreds of Fire Deaths Linked to Skin Creams

A recent investigation reveals skin creams containing paraffin can act as an accelerant when it comes into contact with a cigarette or a flame from a heater. A test conducted shows the fire dangers of paraffin-based skin creams and the video is eye-opening click headline to watch. -BBC News

Britains Dark Skinned Blue-Eyed Ancestor Revealed

Are you interested in the role of  genetics, genomes, DNA and its influence on the skin read this article? Scientists discovered ancient DNA in new detail this week. Analysis of 10,000-year-old “Cheddar Man” reveals the man’s genetic code is similar to individuals from Spain, Hungary and Luxemborg.  -National Geographic

Anchor Lee Thomas open up about Vitiligo

When he was 25 and an anchor on New York’s ABC television station, a small afro covered Lee Thomas’s spots but soon the pigmentation disorder vitiligo progressed. Read to learn more about Thomas’s story and how he believes his skin condition will inspire others.  -Yahoo Lifestyle

Scientist Make More Advances With  Electronic SKIN

One of my favorite movies growing up was Weird Science but e-skin is getting us closer to The Terminator. reports researchers have advanced technology whereby electronic skin is capable of repairing itself, self-healing and mimicking biological skin.-Express



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