BYM Review: Casmara Professional Mask Collection

Photo Courtesy: Instagram Video @casmara_florida

Photo Courtesy: Instagram Video @casmara_florida

In my Benjamin Bufford aka “Bubba” voice: “There’s all kinds of masks: jelly masks, clay masks, sheet masks, rubber masks, thermal masks……..”  The list goes on and on. The masking category has grown tremendously in recent years and one cannot possibly keep up with them all. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to the Casmara collection of algae peel off facial masks.  I found them on Instagram and reached out to give them a test run. Once the collection of masks arrived I couldn’t wait to see how they performed. Here is how they did:

What is the Casmara Professional Mask Collection?

The algae peel off -facial masks are one of Casmara’s signature products. They are formulated with seaweed extracts and diverse active ingredients to meet the needs of every type of skin condition.   There are approximately twelve masks to choose from in the range: options include everything from a 24-Carat gold mask  for firming, restructuring and revitalizing the skin,  a goji antioxidant mask with goji extract, quinoa seeds and seaweed extract recommended for treatment of the first signs of ageing, and a soothing sensitive mask with oats and violet essence.  The collection does not leave out one single skin type or condition.

What makes it different?

The algae peel-off facial masks are activated with gel, no water is needed when mixing and there is no need to rinse after they are applied to the skin. The masks may even be applied over the eyes and lips and check out the pics above from Premiere Show in June highlighting a Casmara mask removal from a gentlemen with a full face beard (LOVE IT). The masks lower the temperature of your skin by up to ten degrees fahrenheit providing an anti-edema drainage effect, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin. The price point on the peel-off masks is also a WIN! A starter kit for example with ten different masks is only $75.00. You can do a lot with these masks as a treatment and there are tons of options. I really like the treatment ideas they provide for Casmara Express Treatments with the collection which allows the client to experience tailored treatments with a select mask being the highlight of the treatment.

Bottom Line:

So glad to have found the mask collection by Casmara they are super rich,deeply hydrating and packed full of nourishing ingredients. The variety to address a wide range of skin types and conditions also make it a win.  Since the mask are activated with a gel you don’t have to worry about it running all over your linen and into your guests hair which is also an added convenience.  Bottom line on this one is that it is definitely worth the investment.

Have you tried any of the other masks in the Casmara mask collection? Which ones? Please share your experience below?

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