Are You A Memorable Skin Care Boss?

Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s performance of Finesse on Sunday nights Grammy Awards was one of  my favorite moments of the show (I also enjoyed comedian Dave Chapelle’s acceptance speech and Pink’s performance of “Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken” in case your wondering). Cardi’s larger than life personality and Bruno’s swag absolutely delight me. Their performance was super memorable and  got me thinking about how as skin care bosses we are responsible for creating memorable experiences for our guests, and also in our professional lives. Are you a memorable skincare boss inside and outside the treatment room? Here are a few thoughts I have after watching their Grammy performance.


My new guest are often surprised when I recall details from their lives that most other people forget. I frequently remember things beyond birthdays and anniversaries. I remember small details like the names of their siblings, auditions, upcoming special events. I even will go to some of their events as my schedule permits. Now that’s a connection. I have worked very hard over the years to talk less and listen more during my client interactions. I  follow up with emails and texts and realize this is something that makes me memorable to my guest.  In my business interactions I have much of the same habits.  I take time to get to know prospects and connect with them so that I am clear on their needs. Not every project I am presented with is a  good fit for our platform but nonetheless I have laid positive ground for future projects or collaborations.



I really wish more people would take the time to be themselves in this industry and even more just be HONEST! I promise you will never be able to keep up with your true identity if you are always switching it up for whoever is in the room. Its like having a serious case of multiple personalities. You’ve heard the cliché saying“Just be yourself” well its true.  For example, if you favor a more  holistic approach to treating the skin  you don’t have to switch up your position just because you are amongst a room full of dermatologist. Its okay to BE YOU! People will definitely remember you as the guy or gal that stood out in the group.



It is so easy to hide in your treatment room and do treatments all day but you are not going to create any memories if you don’t get out.  It’s important to go to new conferences and to actively engage on instagram. This enables you to meet new people, establish credibility and build your relevance as a leading skincare professional.


Finding or creating your niche definitely add to your being a memorable skincare boss. Skin care is my niche.  I focus solely on the skin and making it look EXCEPTIONAL! I don’t do brows. I don’t do lashes. I DO SKIN! I have a very clear niche and my clients and colleagues know my brand from a mile away. The same is true for my professional affiliations. I learned very early on that not every professional association is for me. Today, I allocate my financial resources carefully and support professional organizations that support my professional growth as a skincare professional and business owner. I look for organizations that create purpose filled networking opportunities for me to engage and learn from  strong business women that have a VOICE I respect, and admire.


So, on most days I want to wear my scrubs, comfy shoes, and a high pony tail.  I have a closet full of nice clothes but, honestly when I am not with clients I am chained to a computer or phone so I feel like anything goes. But I have to remember we work in a business where appearance matters and style counts.  I am the face of my brand so I literally have to auto-correct my style behavior on a daily basis.  Last year I worked with a stylist and enlisted her services for special events and appearances.  I have a barrage of makeup artist that get me ready for public events and help me feel pretty. I have learned people can really hear your message if you are wearing an amazing outfit and a pair of FABULOUS SHOES!

So what do you do to create memories as a skincare boss? I would love to hear your ideas and share them in an upcoming post.  Please share your ideas.




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