Meet Gregorie Guillaume, Blogger and Skincare Boss

Gregorie Guillaume is making strides in the beauty industry-she is widely  known as the co-founder of  the HueKnewIt beauty bog which made its debut in 2008. She is also a licensed skin care expert. Aside from being a sought after expert for her beauty advice. Guillaume is among a growing list of skincare experts expanding their reach beyond the treatment room. I had a chance to connect with her and hear her insights on all things beauty. She shared on her social media outlet of choice, esthetics, and the exciting world that exists for up-and-coming skincare bosses.

On how it all began:

“I grew up in Southern California, mostly Santa Monica. I was inspired to get my skin care license while I worked as the assistant to the CEO of Neutrogena. I eventually left that job and went to Redondo Beach Beauty College full-time to get certified.”

On the importance of social media:

“We’re living in an age of social media, you’ll need to get comfortable sharing what you do as it relates to your business. DO be prepared. DO have confidence. DO your homework…know your industry. DON’T rely on anyone else for your success. DON’T expect a return on your investment if you haven’t put the work in. And finally, DON’T give up. Of all the social media platforms out there  I’m most active on Pinterest. With a click of a button I can easily populate my numerous boards. Most of us will agree that Pinterest can be addictive, so it’s important that you set a finite amount of time on the platform so you don’t look up and see that you’ve spent three hours when one hour is all the time you had allotted yourself.”

 On the perks of being a blogger:

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the creators of the very brands we use, which makes them more real for me. I think that hanging out with Dr. Murad at a NYC restaurant and having a painting class with him (still have my signed work to this day) was something I will never forget. With IT Cosmetics we went indoor skydiving last year to celebrate the launch of one of the skin care products. The list goes on and on. Because of HueKnewIt I ventured into the new career of copywriting for companies such as MAC Cosmetics, Ouidad Hair Care, and Motives Cosmetics to name a few. My blog has allowed me to be seen as beauty expert and has helped me in booking television work doing segments. Granted, the on-air work is what I love doing and hope to do this full-time throughout the country.”

On the treatments and spas she loves:

“I’ve been to the Guerlain Spa a few times and I rather enjoyed their Intensive Facial ($400). Definitely not cheap, but, this is yet another perk of the job…it was comped. Although I have the tools at home to give myself a microneedling treatment, I have yet to do so. This is an area skin care pros should explore.”

The one myth she would like to debunk: 

“You can’t shrink pore sizes no matter what the packaging tells you. You can merely tighten them for a short term effect. Also, mattifying products on only skin is a farce in my book. I know because I have oily skin. Within minutes of applying a mattifying serum or a mattifying powder the shine returns. But get this, the glow is what everyone wants, so embrace it and look young well into old age because the lubrication you’ve experienced all your life is working for you and not against you, in other word, no wrinkles!”

On Setbacks:

“I’ve just recently experienced a setback, a place I’ve been a few times before. It’s important for anyone going through something similar to not wallow in the disappointment – a day or two max and then snap out of it. Of course, anger may consume you during the mourning process, but you need to push through. In short, haters do exist, but the love and confidence you have in yourself conquers all.”

 On Success: 

“Your strength of conviction to be successful in your own right is the most fulfilling thing ever. Take the necessary mental breaks you need to recharge so you can deliver your best work. And something I work hard at doing to this day, give yourself time to be immersed in your successes and let it sink in. Don’t be so quick to skip to the next task, otherwise, you won’t think you’ve accomplished anything.”

On what’s next:

“I wish I could say! What I will say is that I am actively working on a project that is beauty and fashion-focused.”

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