Boss Reflections: Making Sense of Weinstein, Rose, Lauer and the Other Hollywood Accused

The more women that come forward with tales of assault, harassment and blatantly inappropriate conduct at the hands of celebrity men in Hollywood the sicker I become! Here’s looking at you: Weinstien, Rose, Lauer, Miller and so many more. Their alleged and for others admitted improprieties towards women in the workplace is a brutal reminder that serious problems still exists for women. In her piercing Golden Globe Message #Oprahforpresident rallied female forces, and challenged us to walk in our personal truths, and come together and DEMAND MORE! For Skin-care bosses this means to continue the fight for higher wages, increased advocacy on state and national levels to widen our scope of practice, and blowing the whistle on inappropriate behavior. There is much work to be done and the time is now! Here’s what else I have to say in the wake of all the madness:


Weinstein allegedly tormented women with nasty massage requests, forcible requests to perform oral sex, and shaming women into thinking they were too ugly and too fat for roles in his movies. It wasn’t until the Times broke the story that many other women found the courage to come forward. The lesson: If you encounter a narcissistic tyrant gone amuck say something. Often times women are afraid to speak up after being violated. They feel like they did something wrong, they feel ashamed, and that no one will believe them if they speak out and tell. But remember there are still people in this world that have a grain of humanity and will listen to your story with empathy. Remember by speaking up you may give someone else the courage to speak up.


Let me be clear: Sexual harassment and wage discrimination is REAL.  So, going forward let’s approach our work as skincare professionals with a sense of advocacy. Speak up for fair wages. Challenge employers to pay you enough money so that you can take care of your family and responsibilities. It’s also time to put your foot down with any clients or bosses that CROSS LINES. And don’t forget to be sensitive to clients that may have experienced harrassment. Some businesses provide pamphlets for guest that address topics such as harassment, domestic violence and other social issues.


If you’re running a spa with several employees it’s easy to lose touch with what’s going on. Stay connected with by regularly checking in with managers and employees. Take employee vocalizations about suspicious guest and uncomfortable guest request SERIOUSLY. Communicate with HR your expectations for reporting harassment and make your zero tolerance policy crystal clear to employees.


The Hollywood men that we have recently seen fall from glory, demonstrates just how money and power can cause people to lose control. The men accused appear to have thought their status excused their inappropriate behaviors. They used money, connections and their ability to “break” careers as leverage to get women to do what they wanted them to do. Fortunately money, power and influence was not enough to keep all the victims silent. They came forward despite threats of retaliation and fear of not being believed. They are the real heroes of this movement. Let’s honor them by making waves, raising our voices and saying “Times Up”.




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