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So, here’s a little something you need to know about me. I don’t go around bragging on my eyebrow game……My Brazilians HELL YEAH!  My brows No Way! The truth is I can clean up brows, do a touch up , but I am by no means a Brow Maven.  A client once asked me for a Khardashian brow and I was like WHAT DA HELL! I must admit when I first started out I was well intentioned. I invested in the finest brow kit, at that time it was one by Anastasia. I got the highlighting pencils, brow stencils, and brow gel you name it, I had it. But then my skincare and Brazilian game took off, and oh yeah I only had 15 minutes allotted to deliver a brow job (so funny to type “brow job”). And that’s when all my ideas about being an AMAZING Brow DIVA went all the way out the window.  I have always seen brows as a skill skincare pros should have, and the idea of charging $12 bucks like they do at the cheap nail shops in my neighborhood makes my stomach churn.  I admire estheticians that can work their magic with brows, it truly is a skill. A few years ago, when I shared my admiration for brow artist with a client, she told me about a guy named Joey Healy.  She proclaimed him “the top brow artist in NYC”.  So, a few weeks ago when a fellow esti-friend posted a pic of her certificate from one of Healy’s master classes my curiosity peaked and off I went to learn more. I found myself on a Monday night phone call with Healy himself. We chatted about his journey into esthetics, his studio, tweezing, his motivation and our convo I really am reconsidering my brow game. Healy is sitting on the THRONE as KING OF THE BROWs. He is definitely one to learn from and is slaying the brow scene. Read on for more of his SLAYAGE!


Healey has a business background and studied at Villanova. He began his career in 2008 as a student at the Aveda Institute. In 2010 he became a make-up artist and quickly garnered a reputation among NYC ballerinas for great brow work. In his early days Healy traveled directly to clients to apply his talents and worked with many high profile clients. Things blew up for him after a write up of his work appeared in W Magazine. The article circulated and his biz began to EXPLODE. He started selling products in 2011 at the Plaza Hotel, and opened his first studio in 2012.


Healy is known for effortless, balanced and harmonized brows. They are not over the top, are very flattering, and customized. He recognized early on that BROWS were EVERYTHING and that people would pay top dollar to have a brow that they loved. He also saw a real opportunity in the  luxury niche.  Healy’s clients have no problem forking over $135 for a session with him and Healy has gown above the line to deliver a luxury experience. His studio is outfitted with chic style and décor and during treatments Healy forgoes wax and relies on tweezers to get the job done. Wax he states is great for other parts of the body but not for the brows. “Tweezing is hair by hair, it’s more gentle and balanced”.  When asked to share a few DO’s and DON’T on tweezing. Healey happily obliged. Here are a few tips from the brow boss at work:

  1. DO: Hold the skin taut while tweezing, 2.) DO: Tweeze using natural daylight, DON’T: use a mag lamp while tweezing it can result in over tweezing, DO: keep the skin free of moisturizer, DO: advise clients to come back every 8 wks. DO: Use Fillers i.e. makeup to enhance the shape of the brows he favors a clear eye gel and states products are key and give clients the opportunity to recreate the magic at home. DON’T: Draw random shapes on the brows, use makeup to enhance the look.


Healy is happy to  help other esthetician succeed. The tips featured here are great reinforcement and motivation to help you along on your beauty boss journey.  Here are the top 5 pointers from his pro playbook:

  1. Rub shoulder with people and clients-Get to know your clients, network, be brave and aware of opportunities.
  2. Focus on your niche– he knew he would focus on luxury service and building intimate relationships, good service, and yelp because there are a non-partisan review site.
  3. Look to social media-You can’t ignore it1
  4. Respond– Interact and talk to clients don’t ignore social media.
  5. Deliver good work-Be the BEST and MASTER Of YOUR CRAFT.


Obsessed with learning from the best we are to. Healy offers both group and private master classes. Group classes start at $95 and include full size goodies, demonstrations, teaching and a Q & A.  Private classes are between $600 and $1,200 and are one on one. Healy focuses on technique,marketing and branding in the one-on-ones.  They are very personalized and geared towards your personal goals. Differences in price are based on the instructor. $600 with his lead esthetician and $1200 to learn from Joey . The price tag seems worth it and I am looking into it for myself ( I will keep you posted)….For now what I can tell you is this man knows what the hell he’s doing, he committed to being the BEST and taking other estheticians along for the journey!



 Joey Healy is active on Instagram and his website, he replies often to comments and emails. He also has a newsletter that he promises won’t overload your inbox. The newsletter is filled with information about his masterclasses, products and appearances . You can also check out some of his demonstrations on YouTube.


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