We Found The Best Hair Removal for Guests that HATE Waxing

Got guests that just cant stand traditional waxing? Sugaring could be the next best thing for them. Sugaring has been around for ages, but over the last few years has gained momentum. The simple formulation of sugar, water and lemon has made it a popular choice among green beauty enthusiast and ingredient conscious shoppers that  crave “cleaner” beauty options. Other hair removal alternatives such as threading and laser hair removal have become less appealing as a simple sugaring paste can be molded and removed quickly in the direction of growth, allowing for minimal irritation and slower regrowth. Options are everything in this industry so adding sugaring to your studio menu might not be a bad idea. It could attract new guests and generate more $$$$$ for your biz (Where Dem Dollars At?).  Thinking about adding sugaring to your studio menu? Here’s what you need to know.


Beauty Boss Tami Blake founder of True Waxology Spa in Walnut Creek, California and Sweet and True Sugaring Company has built a loyal following of “sugar babies” in her retreat spa in California.  Her company offers advanced sugaring certification courses to licensed estheticians and cosmetologist. Students are even welcome but must show that they are enrolled in an esthetics or cosmetology program to attend (Alright now junior beauty bosses!).  Once enrolled students learn through hands on experiences, webinars, videos, newsletters, group discussions and instructor feedback to master the sugaring techniques. Not in California? That’s cool, research places that offer in- person trainings. Sorry, but we think online trainings for this service are a no-no. Besides, who’s going to correct bad habits and get you out of a sticky (pun intended) situation? We also recommend  certification classes that are led by educators that have mastered the techniques needed to perform quickly, efficiently and safely. Most of the time these individuals are operating very successful sugaring businesses of their own. Lastly, try to enroll in classes that provide a starter kit to allow you to get started quickly and efficiently, since most courses cost between $500-600 you definitely want to get your moneys worth.

Note: Need help locating a sugaring certification workshop? Click the link for our Best of Best in Sugaring Certification.

Know Before You Go

One thing to know before registering for a sugaring certification class is that most start with a basic certification. Sorry, you won’t be doing Brazilians right away. Most basic certifications teach the skills you need to have a successful sugaring practice and focus on arms, under arms, legs, face, brows, and bikini.  Time is spent explaining history (we think sugarings Egyptian origins are pretty cool) ,theory, and product knowledge. Spreading, molding, flicking, and the finger twirl technique are also introduced.  After the basic course then comes the Brazilian certification and practice. Here you will learn Brazilian techniques and practice on  models to hone your skills.

How Long Before I Become A Sugar Bee Boss?

Everyone learns at different speeds. Estheticians can become proficient quickly. If you have already been performing waxes in your studio using traditional wax you may have to shift gears and practice. Blake says it may take a good 20+waxes for you to feel comfortable with doing Brazillians but the key is to practice and reach out for support  when you need it.


Get Gone Hard Wax !?

Think that once you become a QUEEN SUGARING BEE  you have to give hard wax the axe? Not exactly, at Blake’s studio she offers both Brazilian waxing and sugaring. The choice is yours. The two can exist in the same space  however since sugaring is a specialty hair removal technique you may want to charge more for it. We have seen prices for the service anywhere from $60-75  and since clients love options why not give them the choice.

We are super excited about the potential $$$$  becoming a sugaring boss can bring into you boutique studio. Have you registered for a sugaring certification which one? Have you already take an awesome certification course? Are you experiencing success or failure with this method of hair removal share your comments here.


Regina Tucker

Bad Ass Founder BYM













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