Hey Beauty Bad Ass…..Try These Genius Gadget Hacks in Your Next Treatment !

Hey Beauty Bosses-

Lets talk about gadgets….I love em! I mean I get SUPER juiced up when its time to add a new one to my studio. The fact is though,  my space and my wallet are not always in agreement with my large scale gadget dreams.  I have the same problem  a lot of beauty bosses have. I have caviar taste and a shoe string budget….HONESTLY! What’s a boss to do? After all, clients visit my studio to experience treatments they can’t do at home and gadgets make all the difference.  Fortunately, over the years I have found some tried and true genius gadget hacks, that deliver results, are ideal for smaller work spaces, and don’t break the bank .

  1. Aqua Skin Facial Table Top system.  Who wouldn’t love owning a hydrafacial? But if you have limited cash or less then perfect credit the reality of owning one is far reaching.  Aesthetics Skin Systems Aqua Skin Facial Table Top system is the ideal solution. At $2,600 and very comfortable terms the Derma-Cleansing and Derma-Infusion allow you to thoroughly clean the skin and infuse it with your favorite solutions. The system also includes LED lights, and an Atomizer.
  2. LightStim LED Light Therapy-Great for small spaces and great on your pockets.  For $150 you can use these device to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, and destroy acne bacteria.  There handheld devices do not alter living tissue a state board no-no and their blue light  features a touch of red to help soothe the skin after acne treatments a big differntiator from its rival baby quasar. California estheticians recently got the green light to use LED devices so  be sure to check your state board for usage.
  3. PMD Personal Microderm- Who doesn’t love a little skin buffing to help address rough and uneven texture? Again space and cost is the big differentiator with the PMD. The device addresses skin roughness and provides an alternative to more aggressive treatments. You have to purchase replacement discs with the PMD, average costs of replacement discs are $20.00.
  4. bt- micro– I use this device in almost every treatment. An LNE & Spas 2017 Best product award winner the bt-micro provides ultrasonic exfoliation by creating high speed oscillations, leaving skin smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application. It makes extractions more comfortable, clears blackheads and drive serums deep into the skin.
  5. Skin for Life Oxygen Infusion System– It feels good, is mobile, and introduces oxygen infusion to your guest. With several options ranging from $425-1295 you can add life to your treatments. Skin for Life’s oxygen concentrator can also be used with other serums which you might want to consider depending on your brand preferences.
  6. NufaceOh Yeah Baby this sh*iT really works! I have used the Nuface facial toning device in my treatment room for years. Long before there were even attachments and I LOVE IT!  It helps that its creator Carol Cole is an aesthetician with three decades professional experience. I love the lifting and toning effect the device offers my clients. A mini is $199 and the larger Trinity is $325 . Head over to  QVC.com and put this baby on easy pay if your a beauty boss baller on a serious budget. *Boss Note the Elle and Wrinkle Reducer attachments can only be used with the larger Trinity!





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