One thing to know about BYM is that I have a thing for Instagram beauty discoveries. (If we’re being honest I spend hours scrolling and engaging on the platform trying to find the latest and greatest in pro beauty products and services.)  I am also obsessed with finding the perfect solutions for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and the dreaded ingrown hair problem many of my clients including myself deal with after waxing.

The latter of my two obsessions; the ingrown hair dilemma has led to this product review. Many of my clients come into my studio in search of ways to remedy ingrown hairs. Solutions for ingrown hairs has really taken off and gone mainstream. From Tend Skin found at Target. PB Vanish found in spas. To Bliss’s Ingrown Eliminating Pads almost everyone offers a solution. The desire to eliminate and or reduce ingrown hairs is everywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for more solutions.  In fact its quite the opposite.

Since February, after every wax I perform on myself I follow up a few days later with the Luv Scrub an exfoliating body net I discovered on Instagram. While the exfoliating body net can be used as a skin softening alternative to traditional washcloths I  like it for the gentle exfoliation it provides to my bikini line after waxing. Caroline Ansah’s is the founder of Luv Scrub and recalls that when she was growing up just like every one in Ghana she used a body net to bathe. Years later she is  launching Luv Scrub as a business to share with others.

Unlike nasty exfoliating gloves and loofas Luv Scrub can be used everyday and can last for up to 18 months so you can say bye, bye to worrying about nasty bacteria. It is a great product and retail solution for beauty bosses here are more details:

  1. The gentle exfoliation that Luv Scrub provides is perfect for guest concerned with gentle solutions for ingrown hair prevention.
  2.  Luv Scrub retails for roughly $18 bucks it is an ideal price point for upselling and is not an intimidating push for increasing your ADS.
  3. In addition to being a wonderful solution for ingrown hairs it also serves as a complimentary retail link for body treatments.
  4. Its easy to use, simply apply a dime size amount of your favorite soap or body wash and scrubs away in small circular motions on your bikini line.  If your using on your body pay special attention to your elbows and knees.
  5. Customer service is really great.  You will not get the run around here.  If you have questions about your order the response time by email is immediate.

There’s no denying Luv Scrub is a real winner, the mesh cloth offers wonderful exfoliation and lifts and minimizes ingrown hairs after waxing .  The total body exfoliation it  provides also makes it an ideal summer retail solution for clients prepping for self-tanning and body bronzing applications. Its no surprise I  recommend Luv Scrub to my guest and plan to order a bunch more for my studio.  Even if clients don’t have an enormous problem with ingrown hairs the added protection Luv Scrub provides makes it and s worth the investment especially for first timers to bikini waxing.  Its a definite win!



Creator & Founder BYM

 Purchase Luv Scrub for your boutique spa by clicking HERE



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