#2017 Get That Ass in Gear Post- FINANCES,$$, Marketing & More

Happy 2017 Beauty Bosses!  This is your official Get that Ass in Gear post so don’t even think about waffling on your beauty boss dreams this year. Since you’re already closer to achieving them then you probably think now would be the WORSE time to throw in the towel. Now’s the time to build your empire and  get  on the road to a super successful 2017 here’s our ideas on HOW?

 WORK your ASSets Off 

One of the biggest things I hear from skin care pros is that they are limited in growing their businesses because of “extenuating” financial circumstances (i.e deadbeat daddy wont pay child support, misuse of credit; that was me,or hell life happens debt, that was also me). You can’t even think about making an opening order for a product line or consider a big purchase like new  equipment because you are stretched way tooo thin financially; but the dream to own or expand your business still resides within. No fear bad ass! Limited or no cash reserves at all is a dilemma many now successful beauty bosses have once found themselves in.  For many it is the catalyst that drove them into running their own businesses in an effort to regain financial mobility. Is this you? Well, its time to WORK your ASSets Off!  What do you have in your hands right now that can build your empire?  Products, a wax pot, $25 gift card to Sephora, serious tools for brows and lash work or other pro staples that can get you started? Those are your assets so build your empire from there.  Start a waxing biz, become a brow enhancer, or a mini facial porefector. Stay focused on what you have and grow it. Allow the other pieces of your biz to fall into place and grow your biz all the way to the bank I got your back and know you can do it.


“Bring ME the DOUGH…Dollar Bills YO”

You love esthetics and so do I but don’t let your love keep you poor and struggling in 2017. Its time to put those sexy girl panty hose on and CHARGE YOUR WORTH. Deciding what you charge for your services isn’t just about creating some stupid ass formula off the top of your head and running with it. A wise profit generating esthetician once told me “never assess a clients ability to pay based on your own  wallet or pocketbook” I could not agree more.  Make 2017 the year you seriously charge your worth.  Many of you are worth WAAAy more than a $12.00 brow job homegirls get at the corner nail shop. Your are skilled and experienced and there is no way in HELL you should be charging $12 bucks for a brow job smdh….so please don’t sell yourself short, start by thinking about what you need to live and to make a damn honest living.Look at your expenses and assess the price for your expertise and adjust your prices accordingly.  WORD TO THE WISE: Please don’t be an asshole in this area; if your charging  all the way up for your services please make it a experience for your guest… if you need help in this area check out our posts in the Lounge for ideas.


rubberBRAND Man

Alright bad ass beauty bosses place your manicured nailed hand over your chest and take the following pledge about your brand this year….

In the name of Bad Ass Beauty Bosses around the globe, I solemnly pledge to stay on top of my brand this year. I pledge to stay on top of social media and to post. I will be completely bad ass in my marketing efforts this year.I will take pics of my work, promote my biz and run it like a serious business  not some sort of hobby. I will step my game ,dress like a CEO, show up for my company and be the FIERCE bad ass face for this company like I know I should be.

Branding is everything and I need you guys to take your branding all the way UP this year.  Commit to growing beyond the one social channel you are comfortable with.  Get coordinated and stylish in your business marketing and stay consistent with it so folks can keep up with your brand  and grow with you. Lastly, commit to being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU this year. Don’t hold back, aint nothing worse then being scared of your own damn self (side note: it is perfectly okay to change your mind about how you do things and run your business this year its a perk of being a boss).   Take care and rock out hard this quarter.



Creative Director


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