Sit Yo Ass Down!….ALL the Signs Its time to Take A Break!

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Yeezy aka Kanye West (for our beauty OG’s) has had a very tumultuous week.We all know the details by now but just in case you’ve  been living under a rock here’s the BYM recap: 1.) On the latest leg of his Saint Pablo Tour West went into  an unusual rant about Jay Z, Beyoncé  and Hillary Clinton, 2.) Following the weird ass concert rant Surface magazine releases info on a strange interview West gave with them in which at one point he hints folks will one day communicate with emoji’s 3.) West is admitted into the hodspital for EXHAUSTION (aka homeboy was probably trippin and somebody loved him enough to say its time to slow down Ye and get some help) 4.) The rest of the Saint Pablo tour as we know it is cancelled.  Exhaustion, tiredness, and being burnt out is real. For skin care professionals it can happen quickly and before you know it you can be unraveling as a professional.  If you are not sure if you are burning out or if you need to sit your ass down and take a break ,here’s a few signs that you need to sit it out and regroup.

Careless Mistakes

While you are usually on your A+ game  lately you have been making careless mistakes, leaving your wax pot on, overbooking clients, forgetting client appointments,  and showing up late for work. You have become an absolute scatter brain and can’t keep up with if you are coming or going. This is a definite sign of unmanageability and a firm indicator  you need to slow down and take a break.

Tired…Sleepy Not Getting Rest

Lack of sleep will kick your ass. The days of pulling all-nighters and leaving the job extra late are not an option especially not 7 days a week. Working through your break time, eating on the go, and simply not taking care of yourself on the job is a recipe for both physical and mental disaster. The toll of working doubles and cramming clients  and services to satisfy your wallet only adds to the stress remember peace of mind is PRICELESS and sooner or later the lack of taking care of yourself will catch up with you.


Listen beauty bosses I know the hustle is real but you are only playing yourself if you don’t ever take a little vacation time (and I am not talking private jets to Tahiti either).  Use planned vacation time to sit in your house and chill, watch misfit tv or hell roam aimlessly around the Misguided website and fill your cart with things you only daydream about wearing. The point is to take care of yourself.  Vacation is  a mandatory non-negotiable deal, remember “Work, Work, Work”  is just a HOT ASS dance line from a Rihanna song don’t take it too much to heart.


If work has suddenly become a jail for you it is definitely a sign of exhaustion or that you need to bail from the profession altogether.  Please regroup and don’t be a drag.  While lots of people got jokes about Kanye right now it looks like fame has taken a toll on this brother…. I am not going to get all into weather or not this man has a mental  illness but I recognize and can relate to the pressure of working under a microscope. We are working with high flying clients all day, running a business, and putting our names and reputations on the lines each day (YELP is REAL)! If work and the pressure of having to be perfect is taking its toll on you please pause and take care of yourself if you have to take advantage of your companies Employee Assistance Program don’t be afraid to do so.  Remember BAD ASS Beauty Bosses  we are making a living caring for others so we gots to take care of ourselves.

Peace and Prayers Up for Kanye



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