Boss Moves : Intimate Skin Bleaching for Valentines Day

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Women and men are going to great measures to ensure they are confident and comfortable with their bodies. Recent studies indicate labioplasty the procedure which alters the appearance of female genatalia is on the rise for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Men are also receiving more spa and wellness treatments. It is clear both women and men want to be happy. They also want to make their partners happy and feel positive about themselves. With Valentines Day right around the corner  many clients will be running through our doors, preparing for intimate moments on the 14th. They will probably want to feel extra confident and comfortable about their bodies and its appearance. Added confidence and looking good are two of the main reasons women and men choose intimate skin bleaching.

Intimate skin bleaching which includes anal bleaching has been around for years it is for both men and women that have discoloration in intimate areas and want to get rid of it. The discoloration may have been caused by G-strings, thongs, and friction.While the service was once considered exclusive to the adult film community and those entertainers that did not want their anal discolorations exposed on camera. Today it is a service for EVERYONE and contrary to popular belief isn’t only confined to the anal discoloration.  Intimate skin bleaching can include the vulva, nipples, testicular and groin areas. Individuals experiencing discolorations in these areas may have a variety of reasons for choosing bleaching: vanity, discoloration, and there partners preference are all motivators for the service.

Intimate skin bleaching is performed in a variety of ways: Laser and cryogenic treatments for example provide immediate results. The cryogenic route uses extreme cold  and can be painful but is one of the easiest ways to see results. Spa based treatments that last about 20 minutes and require at least 8 weeks of treatment utilize azelaic, lactic , retonic, salycyclic and pyruvic acid to correct discoloration. DIY creams are also available but application of these types of products may be a challenge to most consumers.

Certification in intimate skin bleaching a hard find. If you are interested in offering this service I would recommend locating a highly-qualified licensed skincare professional in your area to assist in you training. They should be skilled and knowledgeable in providing this service to male and female clients. A background as a medical assistant, experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and advanced skin and hair removal services  in addition to their skin care licensure are also excellent indicators of  their credentials.

Do you currently offer intimate skin bleaching? How are you promoting and marketing the service in your boss biz ? I want all the details……. please share below?


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