Spooky Truth: The “Real” Reasons We Tell Clients to Avoid SUGAR!!!

[Halloween Lollipops] ND, Retrieved October 30,2016 from: http://forsmartchicks.com/wpcontent/uploads/2013/10/Vintage-confections-1.jpg

[Halloween Lollipops] ND, Retrieved October 30,2016 from:

With Halloween aka candy fest right around the corner now is the perfect time for skin & beauty pros to educate their clients on the impacts of too much sugar consumption on the skin (talk about fright night).   Would you like to educate your clients on the subject but need a little refresher to guide your coversations? BYM has you covered with our list reminding beauty bosses once and for all why we tell clients to avoid sugar take a look!


So basically, there are 2 types of sugar the good guys (aka complex carbs brown rice, veggies, beans nuts and other fibrous foods) and the bad guys (aka simple carbs aka candy, fried foods, ketchup, pizza aka the foods we believe life is made for) When you eat high glycemic foods (aka sugar) our bodies turn it into glucose, insulin levels raise and a party starts inside your body; the sugar party happening in your body triggers a burst of inflammation and that inflammation produces enzymes. The enzymes deteriorate collagen and elastin. The result is sagging skin and wrinkles. The digested sugar attaches to the collagen via glycation and increases aging and other skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

2.) It May impact Fertility

New research has found a link between artificial sweeteners such as those used in diet sodas and lower fertility rates.  The new research also shows women who regularly consume soft drinks may be reducing their chances of getting pregnant.


New research shows that sugar is biologically addictive, the more you eat it the more your crave it…(Oh sh&H! I knew there was a reason I couldn’t leave those miniature Reeses Cups alone )  So think about the implications of not being able to stop once you get started, the implications for our clients skin is serious.

So here’s the recap, too much bad sugar aka pizza, fried foods, funnel cake,sweet potato pie, Cheetos…okay you get my drift is DUH  not the skin’s friend.  We tell our clients to avoid it because 1.) It ages the skin by promoting sagging skin and wrinkles via a process called glycation and 2.)  It has a myriad of other negative implications for an individuals overall physical health.  I hope this explanation clears things up once and for all.

Do you have any additional insights on how sugar impacts the skin? What do you tell guests about this subject? I would love to hear your thoughts……. please share below.



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