Face Off: Licensed Beauty Pros vs. Beauty Bloggers

For Huda Kattan connecting with over 14 million followers and receiving anywhere from 100,000 to 1.2. million views per post while showing audiences how to create a DIY Toothbrush Blackhead Remover it’s just another day in the neighborhood. The blogger turned business woman is changing the game for beauty brands.  Huda and those like her are considered the new experts in beauty. Every day influencers like Kattan are connecting with consumers through their individual blogs, social media, and video. They are quickly amassing cult like followings and celebrity status. There rise stems from their ability to be on the pulse of the latest in beauty; from underrated beauty products to the latest in beauty hacks. There insider influence has seriously changed the game for most of todays  popular beauty brands.Companies like Sephora and Benefits Cosmetics are all turning to popular influencers to stimulate product sales with consumers.

What Makes It Work

A combination of great content, engagement, and fun are what make most beauty bloggers a success. You Tube celebrity Patrick Starrr  for example has 1,414,952 subscribers and his latest video on How To Put In Contacts With Long Nails has already garnered 212K views . Starrr masterfully integrates his favorite brands into the videos he creates such as the contacts by Desio Eyes in his latest tutorial; the vloggers mission is simple….to see boys in BEAUTY! Starr spends a great deal of time interacting with his audience sharing tips and answering their beauty questions. He connects with his fans and infectiously influences audiences using sass and humor. He is a fan favorite at BeautyCon and recently teamed up with Formula X for their very pink #Color Curators collection sold at Sephora. Starr along with other influencers like Michelle Pham and Bethany Mota are all proving influence has its privilege.

Bloggers Vs. Licensed Beauty Pro’s

While most consumers have nothing but love for bloggers and social media influencers a growing number of beauty professionals have a love-hate relationship with them.  On one hand they’re in love with their larger than life personalities and their ability to influence consumer spending, yet on the other hand there claims of being beauty experts without having gone to school or having an actual license has some beauty pro’s  a little up tight. Managing their unique advice and DIY remedies has become a real issue for some licensed beauty professionals. “If I see one more person in my spa with an adverse reaction  from a DIY remedy they tried after watching a You Tube tutorial I will scream” laments one skincare professional. It is a signal of the frustration some beauty professionals are experiencing with well intentioned bloggers sharing advice with consumers .

Swimming In the Same Sea

Bloggers and social media influencers are a valuable resource. The latest research from a Facebook IQ survey of female beauty buyers age 18-44 in the US indicates among the top sources that influence beauty purchases 52% are influenced by beauty experts on social media, 45% by beauty blogs and websites and 44% by beauty brands on social media. These channels are becoming funnels for consumers to discover new products/beauty services and encourages spending. Consumers trust bloggers and influencers, they are playing a huge role in shaping the beauty industry. The Millennial generation is also changing the game and relying on blogger insights and raising them to celebrity status.

No matter how you feel as a licensed professional in this day and age you have to learn to swim in the same tank with beauty bloggers. Instead of ignoring them try to figure out ways to use their influence to your advantage. Need a little help figuring out how? Here are a few tips: 1.) Remember bloggers need beauty professionals to provide and clarify information for their audiences. Remember you license adds a layer of credibility to their work you are just as valuable to them as they are to you. 2.) Follow and recommend bloggers to your client base that complement your professional philosophy. Research bloggers that promote your product and retail offerrings and share it with your clients. 3.) Reach out to bloggers you enjoy,let them know about your expertise and open the door for collaboration. A successful collaboration can translate into massive gains for your brand.




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