Lessons from EJNYC

EJNYC debut Sunday night on the E Network and in just one look at its star EJ Jonson I am reminded of the importance of loving yourself and pursuing your dreams.  The #RichKids of Beverly Hills star is embracing his new killer look and unpacking his bags in the Big Apple to pursue his love of fashion. Get your notebooks ready Beauty Bosses? Here’s what we can learn from EJ.


Whether you are a medical esthetician or  the Queen Bee of Pampering #Be Yourself in this industry. Life is so much easier when you simply embrace who you are. When I first dropped down on the scene of esthetics it was a struggle trying to find my identity. My A side and B side just didn’t seem to have a place in this industry. There was also so much coming at me; everything looked appealing and I was even naïve enough to think I could do it all. It took a little while but after some time of practicing I was able to hone in on my skills along with my personal approach and comfortably embrace who I was in this industry.


Over the last few months EJ has transformed. Change is inevitable and I am definitely not the same woman I was when I walked into this industry .While the transformation has been welcomed it has also been a bit scary. As time passes there will be even more change and the challenge is to accept and embrace it all.  I am still learning to accept the changes that accompany my career growth I do it by talking with my peers and planning ahead for change when I can.


When you’re building a beauty empire its hard to take a break; you spend so much time working and grinding that work literally becomes everything. Learn from EJ and dance, laugh, shop, and enjoy your friends; there should always be a little time for play so plan periodic breaks from the hustle to enjoy life.  In the very early stages of building this platform I worked 24-7  and could only take periodic breaks to watch cable TV or a few mindless minutes of internet surfing. Nevertheless, it kept me entertained and broke up the complete work mode that I was in.


The next EJNYC airs Wednesday @ 9pm on E check it out!


Team BYM



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