Beauty Boss Shade: Why Your Backs Really Turned on Snapchat & You Tube

Y’all skincare pros got some serious shade towards Snapchat, You Tube and social media in general  right now. I completely get it.It ain’t easy merging the lines with your social and personal persona. Not only that, social media has become a sea of content and who really has the time to compete with that?  Then there are the sea of bloggers out there doing the dirty work for you with all their tutorials and recommendations. So why do you really have to take  time to learn new media channels and get active on them? Isn’t your Facebook page enough? While its tedious clapping back at social media with your non participation is not the answer. Its only hindering your career and limiting your reach.  So what’s really getting in the way? Here’s why your really afraid of social media and what to do to overcome.

1.) Camera Block

Does the idea of showing yourself to the world and being visually accepted by them give you a bad case of camera block (aka camera shy)? All us beauty pros suffer from wanting to look just right for the camera especially when representing for our business. Making a you tube video and being seen by potentially thousands of people naturally makes you want to look your best but don’t be afraid to show yourself  in front of the camera. Commit to looking your best and  hook up your beauty dream team (i.e. stylist, makeup, and hair tribe) for scripted videos like  YouTube.  Second, to that work with your beauty besties to perfect your 15 min daily beauty routine for Snapchat and other “nonscripted” segments.

2.) Its Complicated

You just got Facebook and Instagram down now here’s Snapchat and at least five other platforms you need to manage and maintain. It okay sweetie commit to being perfectly imperfect in the social media world and just get started. Take it one step at a time, as you master one platform move on to another and keep going until you find you rhythm on each media channel. Establish what you will use each platform for to guide your initiatives.  You might decide to use IG as your place for daily interactions, FB for article sharing and discussion and Pinterest for product pics.

3.) This Ain’t HBO

Technical difficulties got you down? are you running from social media because you don’t have the full arm militia of a Hollywood production? I feel your pain for years I ran from the camera because I couldn’t produce Oscar worthy content. But lets face it this mentality was only limiting my companies. I tore down the walls and approached things like I was baking a cake from scratch. I started with a basic recipe and each time I baked my cake I perfected it a little more. As I got more confident I started tweaking the recipe a bit by adding all sorts of goodies to it (i.e playing with filters, adding music and exploring new outlets ). Tearing down the walls on social media was one of the toughest things I have done, but now it is one of the biz staples I cant live without. It generate leads, connects me with others and provides me with an abundance of inspiration to do the work that I love so much!



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