Politico! Oh No……..KEEPING the Campaign Trail Out of Your Treatment Room.

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With campaign season in full swing and opinions riding high, it makes sense that guest will come into your boutique wanting to talk politics. However when it comes to discussing the state of the union with guests you really don’t want to go there. For many years our Creative Director worked within short view of the White House on numerous local and international top dogs of the political world (she seriously would need a security clearance just to share names with us) and she urges estheticians to keep the political banter out of their treatment rooms this presidential season. “Unless your guest is spitting out verbally and culturally offensive vomit you really shouldn’t be talking politics in your treatment rooms; things can get pretty uncomfortable if the conversation goes left so why even open those doors, its best not to even go there”. Need a few pointers on how to keep the political banter at bay this presidential season here are a few pointers:

1.) Have a Sense of Humor

One way to keep things light this political season is to have a sense humor about it….If it comes up during conversation while working on a guest, lightly let them know that you “stick to beauty” and really don’t have any opinions to add to the conversation. Hopefully they get the subtle hint but they might not so be prepared to redirect the conversation and switch it to something a little more comfortable like entertainment news, upcoming community happenings or how about this one their SKIN!

2.) Rock the Vote

If you just can’t avoid the conversation keep it centered around the Rock the Vote campaign. The campaign which started back in 1990 (can you believe it?) is centered all around increasing voter turnout among young voters. The celebrity spokespeople Rock the Vote   features to spread its message also adds to its appeal; celebrities like Drew Barrymore, John Legend and Kendall Jenner are all involved with the movement.  This year the non profit will again host panel discussions about education, plus live music, beer and voter registration events! Visit the site for more talking points.

3.) Be Up Front

Got a guest that just won’t get the hint……Unfortunately, all the subtleties in the world might still go over the heads of guest  just wanting to rant. In that case  be straight up and tell them you aren’t going there with them. The exact language you use to let them down gently might vary, but hopefully you can switch the course of the conversation without too much discomfort in between.

Happy Election Season!


Team BYM




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