Beauty Career Shake Up! SOLID Career Guidance for Skin & Beauty Pro’s

Are you bored in the treatment room and ready for a new position within the skin or beauty biz? Do you need a few ideas to jump to start your climb on the girl boss ladder of success? For beauty professionals today there is potential beyond the treatment rooms for a rewarding and profitable career in the beauty industry and in this months entry were serving up ideas on things you can do beyond the treatment rooms to expand your Beauty Boss horizons, take a look!

Create or Innovate

After working in the treatment room I am sure that many of you have had at least 100 ideas cross your mind about products and technology that clients might benefit from; perhaps its time to bring your creations or innovative ideas to life.  Dara Levy the creator of DERMAFLASH did just, after receiving rave reviews from clients on her breakthrough signature treatment called DERMAFLASH Levy experienced an ‘aha moment” and recognized that there were no at home solutions on the market for women that wanted smooth skin. She got the premise from her treatment and developed the handheld device now sold on QVC, Neiman Marcus, Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman.

Professor Beauty

Do you have a knack for teaching and coaching? Consulting might be the next stop in your life beyond the treatment room. Fierce Beauty Boss Tabatha Coffey of Bravo’s Tabatha Takes Over is consulting on STEROIDS she has become a household name and travels the country  helping struggling business owners turn around their lives and businesses . She works with and teaches other professionals around the globe and proves there is definitely life outside the treatment room.

Bill Gate’s Mini-Me

Listen up Skin & Beauty Pro’s……. if there is any singular area where you can shake up your career path for the better that is by delving into the technology sector. Technology is where its at. Any apps or technologies that can make the lives of the consumer or beauty professionals better is a sure win. Danielle Cohen-Shohet co-founder and CEO of Gloss-Genius, a smart, automated personal assistant that helps beauty professionals manage and grow their businesses.   As a beauty junkie and one-off freelance makeup artist  in college Danielle shared on she realized independent beauty professionals were particularly bottlenecked; yet they’re one of the fast growing segments of the freelancing economy and generate a significant amount in service and product sales revenue. Gloss Genius was created to give these pros the technology to overcome the bottlenecks associated with managing and growing their business and Danielle is definitely on to something the app is doing very well and Danielle was also recently selected to participate in Sephora’s first ever Accelerate program to build a community of female founders.


Brand Rep

Got hugs and kisses for a particular brand, or spa? You just might be the perfect brand rep for that company. Get out the treatment room fast by aligning yourself with a brand that you love and start working for them. Corporate beauty entities offer numerous opportunities that span across several areas of interest and could possibly provide you the opportunity  you need to grow beyond the treatment room. Check individual websites and job boards on CEW, and other pro forums for opportunities.


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