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As I scroll through the Instagram handles and websites of chic boutiques and skincare pros I am quite vexed by the number of fierce beauty #girlbossess  that are not actively engaging on social media. Aside from being a business MUST, social media is the language of the Millennial Generation; a target market you very likely serve.  I will spare you the jive(yes I said jive) about why social media is  important (there are already a wealth of articles dedicated to the subject) and simply cut to the chase of how to use social media like a BOSS so you can keep wearing your girl boss crown like you know you should.

Post It

For Gods SAKE start posting already! Enough with the excuses. I swear if Wesley my 8 year old son can post on Instagram I know you can to. Need a few ideas to get started? Post about new treatments, your favorite beauty products, or celebrity beauty news. My artisan skincare boutique CRUMM posts DIY skincare recipes, my favorite mood music, and even poetry that reflects the eclectic energy of the boutique. Consider your post a chance for folks to get to know your brand a little better.

Do UNTO others!So you want to increase your followers? You want others to like your posts? well remember the Golden Rule and do unto others. The key to gaining followers and post likes is by engaging with others. Leave comments on  post that resonate with your brand, like pictures that inspire you, and share interesting posts with others.  Remember social media is all about engaging; the more engaged you are the more others will engage with you.

Harder, BETTER, Faster, Stronger

In the words of Kanye consistency is everything. Don’t be quick to throw in the towel. The more you train on social media i.e. posting and engaging the more you will begin to learn and put into practice; you really will be a pro in no time. The key is getting started and staying consistent. Since the social sphere is constantly evolving find out which platforms your audience is primarily engaging with and focus your efforts on that platform, that way you are not all over the place and can get the most out of your efforts.

Enlist An Expert

Clients galore, work-life balance overload? It really can be a bit much trying to manage it all.  If your having challenges managing your your social media on your own then hire someone that can. If you look around you will see there are social media mavens for everyone’s budget. What you need to understand though is that there really is no way around this one.  You have to be engaging on social media, if you’re not able to then you will have to inevitably hire that task out and have someone assume the responsibility on your brands behalf.  Trust me in the long run you will feel so much better knowing that the task is getting done and equally as good when you see your following grow . Need so social help managing your platform please email us directly for resources.


Creative Director

Regina M. Tucker

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