Successful Event Marketing

Successful Event Marketing

Thinking about hosting an event at your spa? Nervous about shelling out the extra cash and not having a successful event? Not to worry; because when executed properly event marketing can create an experience that resonates with your guests and fast tracks your company to improved bottom lines. An advanced degree in experiential marketing isn’t required to create a super posh event but if you know someone in the field it wouldn’t hurt to ask for their insights. If you don’t know anyone and would like additional insights Click here to be connected to the Event Marketing Institute  and remember with the right combination of fun and planning you can deliver a posh event for your spa. Here are a few tips.

Make it Exclusive

Sure you can have events but exclusivity really makes people feel special; In my trial run as a makeup artist(Click here to read why make up artistry wasn’t for me) I remember standing outside the MAC cosmetics store in a line that wrapped around the block for a special pro event the store was hosting for aspiring make up artist.  As consumers approached the velvet rope and asked ticket holders what was going on… a buzz was born and the exclusivity the pro audience felt reverberated.

Use the MAC appeal when hosting your next event. Be exclusive in your invites and welcome specific groups like bloggers, hotel concierge, and spa insiders.

Have a Special Guest

Break out the big guns here and invite a special guest to your next spa event. To make this work start your efforts well before even thinking about hosting an event by connecting and forming relationships with the big dogs of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, wellness and skincare. Remember connections are so important at this level so start networking with Public Relations folks  now and when the times comes for collaboration you will already have one foot in the door. Also, be sure to also lock in guest that your clients want to see. A brief Survey Monkey might be good to help field audience preference.

Make your Special Events Special

Give your events a pop from the invitations, to your food and beverage options; style forward postcards and digital invitations have made it super easy to create  invites that pop. Posh local shops and my personal favorite Target have also made it super easy to host great events; from decorations to budget friendly snacks and beverages (Click here for fall food & drink ideas) you can really put together an awesome event just be sure to set aside a budget for this category, things can easily get out of hand in the F & B department so curate food and drink selections that not only match your event but your budget as well. Presentation(Click here to learn how to put together an amazing pop up shop or promotional display)  is everything so put some effort in planning your night or day event.

Set the Wheels in Motion

Send out save the date announcements and start advertising your event on social media early. This gives guest a chance to purchase tickets and pencil your event onto their calendars early. It will also help with your planning efforts. Happy Eventing!


Regina Tucker

Creative Director


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