Treatments & More: Celebrate Fall Spa Style

Celebrate Fall

Its official fall is in the air.  If the multitude of pumpkin scented candles on the shelves of your favorite specialty stores haven’t tipped you off, then let this entry serve as a subtle reminder; its time for your spa to kick off its fall engagement plans. Remember, you can always charge for special engagements, the key is to make them appealing (click here for tips on how to make your spa events pop) so that guest actually want to show up for your event. Here are a few ideas:

Fall Sip & Spa

We at BYM love unique spa happenings and so do your guests; so why not host a sip and spa at your boutique to usher in the changing of the leaves. Pull out your favorite fall beverages i.e. hot apple cider, pumpkin spice latte etc. and allow guest to socialize; all while trying on your best pumpkin, cranberry or yam inspired masks.

Fall Preview

Show your clients that you really are a spa-know-it-all by hosting a Fall/Winter beauty preview.  Partner up with a local beauty blogger with an AMAZING following (if they have 10k+ followers there a good bet), put together a cute goody bag with some coupons to your spa, and then share the low down on what’s hot for fall and winter. Earn a few bonus points with guests by offering a few dollars off for guests that book appointments on the evening of the preview.

Autumn Rising Wellness Day

For my earthy boutique owners help guest usher in the changing seasons with an Autumn Rising Wellness Day. Pair up with a yoga studio or a popular wellness guru in your area and put together an event that includes a little yoga and a little massage. If you’re strictly a skin care boutique facial or hand and arm massages are suffice.

Remember the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to get guest into your spa, it keeps them excited and keeps your boutique on there spa radar.

Stay Beautiful

Regina Tucker

Creative Director BYM





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